Sarah Palin Quits Being Track’s Mother

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For some time Sarah has been embarrassed by Track, her first born son.  Initially there was the resemblance to an old flame.

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Then there was the amputation that was embarrassing for both Track and Sarah.

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There was the family brawl in which Track fought somebody but it wasn’t clear who won.  There was the hitting and kicking of his baby-mamma which he clearly won, but the indication was that the woman was at a disadvantage because she was with child and not in her best fighting shape.  Even during Sarah Palin’s Alaska, it seemed that Track was an embarrassment, rather than a contributing member to the grifter family.  In the introduction they had to use photos of Track rather than actual footage.

Then there was the divorce before Sarah had time to give a wedding party.

Now with the recent beating of Todd’s ass, Sarah has finally decided to quit being Track’s mom,  It’s just too darn hard, and nobody pays her a dime for being his mother.

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Sarah was going to give a speech about resigning, but she was afraid nobody would show up.

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Sarah is contemplating writing a second edition to her Christmas book.

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The new chapter might be a self-help guide to disowning your children just in time for the holidays.


9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Quits Being Track’s Mother

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  1. Oh – man. This is not even good enough to be a soap opera. People would not believe it. Sorry, Sarah. You thought you could “manage” this like you have so many other scandals.

    On a side note – on one of your recent articles i noticed you still have a few of Sarah’s trolls following you. Do they ever die?


  2. I still don’t know what to say about this, given my experience with it, but I hope it shuts her up. Her daily devotionals, oh PLEASE. None of them portray even one ounce of Christianity no matter what the trolls say. The sad thing is she never tried to get him help; heck, Malia, she never got Trig the help he needed either after all her promising to be such a big advocate for the DS community after her ’08 loss. I hate to see this happen to anyone but you don’t sweep it under the rug as she has and continues to do.


      1. I will always remember how hard you fought for those FOIA requests, Malia. As Rod Stewart sang, “my respect for you, immense.”


  3. If Track posts bail by Christmas, will he be attending Christmas dinner at Todd and sarahs? They could slice the ham with the shards of broken window. Todd could sit behind a bulletproof table extension . track would be given plastic utensils.
    If Piper’s not pregnant, she should attend, otherwise the stress from the violence might harm her unborn.
    Was trig present for the violence, that can’t be a safe environment for him!!!
    This all happened because Sarah is a terrible christian who simply doesn’t love her savior Jesus enough.

    How f###ing big is that rug she sweeps shit under? Obama you obviously ruined this family’s Christmas.


  4. Only in the Palindrome does the first born, normally the family hero, turn into a rage filled addict. I wonder where he learned that behavior, cough, dented fridge, cough, flying soup cans.


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