Track Palin Embodies Sarah’s Example of Raising Smaller Republicans

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Track Palin and Jordan Loewe; stolen from Immoral Minority.
From reports of violence during the family brawl to the domestic violence charges when he hit and kicked his baby-mamma, it was clear that Track was not a “good boy”.

Now with the recent report of Track’s attack on his father, it is obvious that the Palin family is a dysfunctional mess.  According to a court affidavit, it was Sarah Palin who called authorities to complain that her son was “freaking out and was on some type of medication.”

The affidavit indicated that Track said he was coming to the home, ostensibly to incite physical violence with members of the family, particularly Todd.  Track had promised to come home and beat Todd’s ass.   True to his word, Track came home and beat Todd’s ass.  Most sons would have been concerned that their father was holding a loaded weapon.  Not Track!  He broke a window to gain access to the home and proceeded to beat his father.   This “typical American family”  included the beating of the father by his son about the head and torso.  It was reported that the Palin patriarch did mange to “make it outside” in spite of his severe injuries, including

suffering numerous cuts and bruises on his head.”

Track was arrested on charges of felony first-degree burglary and misdemeanor criminal mischief and fourth-degree assault.

To be fair, this typical American family was actually caught up in the typical dispute over Track’s  state of dysfunction as a result of injesting alcohol and drugs.  A typical father would try to protect himself from his son’s assault with a loaded weapon.  A typical son would expect that he could beat his father without the gun being fired, as every son would realize that it would be highly unlikely that a father would ever shoot his son.

It was reported that Todd ” suffered injuries to his face and head, was bleeding and had liquid coming from his ear.”  It wasn’t clear what the liquid was that was coming out of Todd’s ear.  Because it was the ear of a typical American father it is being speculated that it was (a) simply ear wax dislodged from a typical beating, (b) gun residue dripping out of his ear as a result of a typical gun being fired close to the ear during a typical domestic dispute, or (c) spam that was already in Todd’s ear as a result of a domestic disturbance involving a typical dispute between Todd and Sarah when Sarah threw a can of spam at Todd, it hit the refrigerator and spam burst everywhere.

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  1. Except Sarah is a good parent who raised 4 other, good kids. What interests me is all the good times Track can have, with his parents and family. And how new this is. IT’s shocking and no one saw it coming, or no one who knows what they’re talking about.


    1. Nicki
      I’m sorry, but I mistakenly thought a stellar father was one who married the mother of his child, lived with the family, loved his wife, provided love and support to the child, and wasn’t an alcoholic or drug abuser.


      1. I like your answer, Malia. I do want to add that a stellar father does not have his custody stopped or is required by the court to be supervised to see his child. Nicki does bring to light that some families have very different standards and expectations of their offspring.


  2. For what it’s worth, this is definitely new and is surprising to all who know these people.

    Track used to babysit Tripp as late as 2014-15.


  3. So, you’re ignoring the fact that she has 4 kids with zero problems and the one who had no problems until 2016? Just so we’re clear, you are ignoring that fact right? Because Track was a very involved, amazing father basically until 2016. Though the family sees his kids.

    He’s a good person underneath the stranger who need alc intervention. He owns a home, has a job.

    Stop lying. It is unbecoming of you.

    Please no one troll me. This is all true.


      1. You frequently lie. It is a fact Track has never instable before Jan 2016. It is a fact he was a great father and with the substance intervention (likely painkillers from old sports injury surgery in 2014) he will get to that point again. It is a fact he and Todd not too long ago were close and could travel together to visit friends in i.e Dallas. It is a fact Sarah knows their son hates attention and suffers from media, so they’ve all tried to respect his privacy. It is a fact that anyone who spreads false paternity lies are scum. It is a fact that a grade school friend of Todd just wrote that “great to see Todd making the right choice because shooting at his first born would’ve destroyed him and Sarah.” It is a fact that Bristol is a picky person when it comes to choosing her kid’s babysitter’s and that Track was still babysitting for her if she needed him up through 2015. It is a fact that these few bad instances are few and far between, that Track, Todd, and Sarah were JUST in Mexico together at that Baja racing thing in Sept. It is a fact Track was subsequently caribou hunting: once with his girlfriend, then with his father.

        I’d recommend you stop acting as if you know these people because you believe tabloid lies.


      2. media is abusive,
        I have three adult kids and they have all graduated college, doing great things. Nobody ever ended up in jail, broke into our house, beat up their father, and sure as hell my husband has never pulled a gun on any of his kids. If you can’t acknowledge that this is dysfunction at its best, you may as well join them.


      3. It is also a fact that Track abhors when people lie about and bully his family. His reaction to that guy 2-3 years ago saying his brother should’ve been born was to make a meme with a pic of Trig that said “be jealous I am impervious to the opinions of others and only know love and happiness.” He had some anger at Bristol’s abusive lying ex but never let it consume him. This is a case similar to millions, which is why the Palins have far more empathizers than haters. he just needed alc treatment. But the small upside here is that he was receptive about LE taking him and coherent. He’s a big reader. He’s responsible in that he owns a home, and has always worked. Sarah and Todd don’t spoil. they provide necessities and aid appropriately when people falter. There is literally no one Todd wouldn’t help but they also know help needs to come from within in this case.

        Instead of rewriting their lives, why don’t you just wish them well and that the media gains integrity and backs off for once. The media are serial abusers and a few years ago, Chuck Heath Jr said “Very proud of my nieces and nephew. Sickos in the media have pushed them to the limit with lies, it’s beyond sickening.”

        They know. You do not.


      4. media is abusive,there
        If this had been ANY other person, breaking into their home, beating up Todd, you can bet Sarah would play the victim for the next year! There is absolutely NO way that this is OK.


  4. Nicki sounds like one of the paid Palin trolls.

    Track used to babysit with Tripp? Sure thing. ITrack’s behavior is why Bristol and Dumbkota moved to Austin, TX, to get away from Track and the rest of the Palin Freak Show.

    Stellar father? Who — Todd, or, Track?? Todd is dumb as a post. Track has two children by two different women, both of whom do not allow unsupervised visitation because of Track’s drug and alcohol use and his temper.

    And — please don’t start the PTSD bullshit. Track spent less than one year in Iraq during which time he was in the rear with the beer . . . he NEVER engaged in combat of any kind. Furthermore, Track has a history of violence and fighting dating back to his early high school years.

    Sarah and Todd ignored their children. Anyone who knows the Palin Freak Show knows the kids were raised on fast food and take-out. Sarah was busy with her failed career, Todd was too busy racing snow machines.


  5. Montel Williams is tweeting about this being tracks postwar PTSD. (Track made hotdogs in an army kitchen for a few days at best. Part time. And he quit the army) So montel how does that explain tracks being a violent prick before the army? Its the environment, stupid. The one Sarah provided for him. Sarah was drunk on TV countless times, talking violence like a stupid ignorant b###h.

    We will see if Sarah blames trump for this like she blamed Obama last year. This did happen on trumps watch.


  6. Seems to me that those with “Palin Derangement Syndrome” are the likes of Nicki, and “emily” in other website comment sections. How can you keep spinning a yarn that is so easily debunked with cold, hard facts? What’s the saying, better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    We have a “wayward son,” age thirty-one, and believe you me, Malia, I know what I’m talking about. It is no laughing matter, scarier than hell at times, but sticking your head in the sand helps no one. As you said, I knew something was horribly wrong when they paraded the RNC stage in 2008; I just didn’t know how bad it actually was. There’s my humanity; half of me laughing “that’s what you get for spinning a persona that’s so far from the truth,” the other half hoping they’ll wake the hell up and get him the help he needs. That’s one effed up family.


    1. CIP,
      When people like Niki suggest that Track is really a good boy and Sarah and Todd are really good parents it is obvious that these people will defend anything the Palins do. Imagine anyone else pulling a gun on Todd, beating him to a pulp, breaking into their house, and ending up in jail. Sarah would claim to be the victim of an evil criminal!


  7. Wow, Malia. Sarah’s “enablers” are out in force over this!

    It is a tragic story and Sarah isn’t making it any better by describing Track’s drug of choice as “pain medication.” It’s about time that she be honest about her son and do something tangible to help him rather that sugar coat his misdeeds and blame President Obama. Sarah, Todd and Track are lucky that Todd isn’t dead right now.

    And where were Piper and Trig when all of this was taking place? If they were in the house and not removed by Sarah when it all began, there’s evidence of even more poor parenting. Maybe they had been hustled to someone else’s house when the parents realized that Track would show up. One wonders.

    Track has obviously had serious anger problems by the time he was a teenager – acting out by vandalizing school buses and brawling through his ice hockey games. His issues obviously began in childhood, long before his much-questioned military service and his wasted life since then. Mostly absent parents – father on the oilfields much of the time, mother flitting around trying to make a name for herself – complicated a problem that was already there. And then to add in guns, alcohol and drugs . . . .


  8. I think it is obvious to any Todd fearing Christian. The lord Todd sacrificed his first illegitimate son for the good of our country Muslims excluded.

    He took water and turned it into moonshine so this bastard could get the courage for this greatest sacrifice.

    His cross to bear was the hand cuffs he wore. He stumbled three times staggering to the cop car.

    After three days in jail he will rise after a wicked hangover and be released to his father.

    Jesus the Mexican dude who shared tracks sell and who is also tracks prison bride will carry the fight on.

    The immaculate conception with Jesus can only be confirmed with faith or the way track walks.

    May the father the son and the holy shot up refrigerator be with you.


  9. Wow. Palin’s pals were here. Sorry I missed it Malia. What a boat load of BS. Since 08 there have been scandal after scandal. Lets just face it, sarah said it. She wears the T shirt “Valley Trash” and in her small narrow mind this is all normal lifestyle. Like trump she is incapable of facing reality. It is normal in her mind to brawl, point weapons at loved ones, and embarrass your children.


  10. And now all the grandkids witness and experience the drama for the holidays. Poor uncle track, poor grandpa, poor grandma meano media. Yep here comes the next generation of palin dysfunction primed and ready.


      1. I honestly do not know how the likes of trump supporters, fox viewers and the entire republican party speak to their young family members. How on earth do they explain their support for this outrageous behavior and crimes directly from them to Americans? Fox news has their viewers so brainwashed it is criminal!!! Some how that station and a few others must be stopped. Families over these holidays will have to deal with a relative that is a fox brainwashed up zombie full of fake news.


  11. Malia – The Wasilla loon needs to stand down on this one and let the chips fall where they may. Track needs to pay his dues without his momma and daddy enabling him! Nor should this case be transferred to a military court because it has absolutely nothing to do with the military or Track’s alleged PTSD. Track’s behavior, substance abuse, and violent tendencies started long before he was in the military and everyone in the Palin family knows it! Covering it up and lying about it doesn’t help with the healing. And, it isn’t Obama’s fault regardless of how Sarah tries to spin this. Unless Track gets help and pays the consequences for his actions, he will continue to escalate until someone is critically injured, dead, or he takes his own life. Hopefully the baby mommas, Britta and Jordan, go to court and get the paperwork done so that this monster doesn’t have contact with either of them or the two children. This incident should call into question whether or not the Toad’s snow machine “accident” was an “accident” or were they all complicit in covering up what really happened? Did Track beat Toad and leave him for dead in a parking lot? Where was the snow machine if Toad was in a snow machine accident? It wasn’t with him when he was found in the parking lot. And what about Sarah’s black eye? Did she really fall while rock running or did her face meet up with Track’s fist?


    1. days,
      …or maybe Piper will use Track as an example of the kinda guy she should sleep with!…no marry…just have sex with…someone who can knock her around, and someone who can disarm her father


  12. Malia, “media is abusive” is obviously being paid by the word, lots of words. Is RAM back on retainer? Always amazed at how they write like they travel with the Palins. If “media” is so close why didn’t she get an intervention or medical help for Track? All the Palin bots just watch as the family implodes, instead of doing something to prevent the chaos.

    If “media” and the other name changing trolls really cared, they would quit enabling the behavior and become part of the solution. Writing responses to a blog does nothing to correct the core issues with the Palin family.


    1. aj,
      It’s like they are proud of their connection to and knowledge of the family! You are right. I suspect it is either a member of the family or a paid employee. Who would be proud to defend behavior like Tracks?


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