One Year in Office-Trump Has Forever Changed the Federal Courts to Resemble a KKK Gathering

Sometimes I write something extreme to get attention.  To compare Donald Trump’s nominations of people to serve in the Federal Judiciary to KKK members might seem a little aggressive.  However, in this case, it is a frightening reality.
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Trump is charged with nominating the US attorneys who will make decisions about who to prosecute, and what charges to bring against defendants.  US attorneys have significant power as they in essence determine what crimes will be prosecuted, and against whom.  Given the importance of these positions, it would seem appropriate for the nominations to represent the cultural diversity of our country…by race, gender, and sexual preference.  Donald Trump’s current nominations look more like a gathering of KKK members than a cross section of America.  Of Trump’s 42 US attorney candidates, all appear to be white males except one woman, Jessie Liu.
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Three US attorneys have been approved and 39 nominees are pending. The only woman in the group is Jessie Liu, the current deputy general counsel for the Treasury Department. CNN earlier reported that Trump took the unusual step of meeting personally with Liu before her selection in June. She was selected to be US attorney for the District of Columbia.
In the US in 2014, 32.9% of all lawyers were women. Three years later, the percentage of women in the practice of law is surely greater.  Thus to nominate only one women in 42 picks is outrageous.  
A closer look at Trump’s nominations to the Federal bench is equally troubling.  He has nominated only 1 African American, 3 Asian Americans, and 1 Hispanic Judge.  Only 8% of Trump’s nominees are not white to this point, the lowest share for a president in three decades. It’s less than a quarter of Barack Obama’s 36% nonwhite appointees, and less than the 22% of George W. Bush’s, 24% of Bill Clinton’s and 10% of George H.W. Bush’s. Only 7% of Ronald Reagan’s appointees were nonwhite. Trump has nominated fewer blacks and Hispanics than Reagan but he has named three Asian-Americans, which raises his percentage of racial minorities to slightly higher than Reagan’s record.
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Father member of KKK.
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A conservative who voted for Trump might think this lack of diversity was a accident, or that Trump simply had a hard time finding qualified minorities.  The truth is just the opposite.  The post yesterday illustrated the total lack of qualifications of Trump’s picks.  Another example was Brett Talley, a 37-year-old white male attorney with no trial experience. The American Bar Association rated Talley unqualified to serve as a federal judge, one of four of President Trump’s judicial nominees to get that designation. Senators later learned that he had failed to disclose his close ties to the White House.
Trump’s history of racist and misogynistic attitudes have been well documented.  Trump’s own father was a member of the KKK.  When he appeared on the floor at one of his casinos, all blacks had to be removed so as not to be seen. Trump also refused to rent apartments in his residential towers in New York to Blacks.
Here  is a list of 18 examples of racist behavior of Trump.
Here is a list of 22 examples of misogynistic behavior of Trump.
Nearly one year into his term, Trump has nominated 59 federal judges, with 14 successfully confirmed. According to the Associated Press, the vast majority are white men — reversing a trend toward a more diverse federal bench that dates back to President Bill Clinton
Recent two-term presidents have appointed between 329 and 383 federal judges apiece. Trump starts out with about 100 extra vacancies.  because Obama’s nominees were never confirmed by Congress.  If Trump served two terms with a Republican-majority Senate and judges continue to leave the bench at past rates, Trump could appoint between 450 and 500 judges out of the 870 current positions. Even if Trump were to serve only one term and there were no more vacancies, he is still likely to appoint just over one-tenth of the bench.
Federal judges are appointed for life. Trump is nominating candidates who are relatively young, and therefore many are likely to remain on the bench 30 to 40 years. If he continues to select nominees disproportionately from the same demographic of white, male and conservative, Trump will be effectively freezing the demographic and ideological composition of the bench for decades.
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  1. Watching all of the “pundits” argue about the questioning and so called trick questions. I was shocked at the ignorance. This is a high level job interview, not a minimum wage position seeking semi coherent order takers. The seems to be a total lack of preparation for the interview. In any high level interview, the applicant would have studied all relevant aspects of the position and be coached by the people who nominated her/him. A proper candidate would want to show the interviewers that she/he can start functioning at 100% immediately, no learning curve.

    These candidates are typical of 45’s constant failure to learn the function and take care of details. The guy, who promised us the best people to do the jobs, lied. We are getting a good taste of how a billionaire manages to end up with six bankruptcies.


  2. What does trumps judicial sister have to say about this? She has been very quiet since her brother rigged and stole a united states of America election and continues to commit treason and espionage daily. Notice how distant and quiet old republicans are today. America held hostage by underground mob due to republicans lack of ethics. Merry Christmas America.


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