Trump’s Most Outrageous Pick for the Federal Bench! Un-f***ing-believable

Even people who don’t keep up with politics, even non-lawyers, and even Republicans would be amazed, aghast, and overwhelmed by this line of questioning of Matthew Petersen, one of Trump’s nominations for the Federal Court!  Even a first year law student knows what a Motion in Limine is.


The sad thing is that this isn’t “fake news”, it isn’t the result of the liberal media running amok, it is a real person who was really chosen by the Trump administration to be a Federal Court Judge!


9 thoughts on “Trump’s Most Outrageous Pick for the Federal Bench! Un-f***ing-believable

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  1. What a nincompoop Petersen is! Where is the Trump administration dredging up its nominees for any federal position? Someone in his family must be a big GOP contributor, I guess.


  2. Awe need to get that video out to the whole country so they can see what kind of people are being hired. That was like watching a yuppie Jeff Spicoli take an oral exam. He can’t answer direct question, so he starts rambling about his resume to eat up Sen. Kennedy’s time. I actually felt sorry for Peterson. He was totally unprepared for the interview. You’d think the White House would have a team helping nominees, but this administration has no clue how the Federal government works.

    The world’s smartest business man hired a guy has no experience in that type of law. How dumb is 45?!!!

    Yes that’s a rhetorical question.


  3. Drumpf likes his judicial nominees the same as his women, not too old and none too bright. If he can get them seated they will be there for a long long time. That is the object of this exercise is making the courts bright red for the rest of our lifetimes.


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