Don’t Panic- Revoking Net Neutrality May Be OK

6 thoughts on “Don’t Panic- Revoking Net Neutrality May Be OK

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  1. Malia, thank you for a good look at both sides of the issue. I live in an area that has only been upgraded by Cox Cable, one of many cable providers. As a result they have a monopoly on high speed internet service. Their lowest speed is $50 to $80 month, then goes up $10 to $20 per increment of speed. In some cases they require a bundle purchase, TV and land line, to get internet. So they have been violating this law for a long time. In addition, they have software that blocks some random G rated websites. They use “server error” to block sites.

    The idea of upgrading service strikes home for me, because I use AT&T. I have what might be called inner city service, lowest speed, low band with. I watch the timer clocks a lot as Youtube clips load. It’s not cost effective for AT&T to run high speed service because I live in an isolated area, surrounded by water. There’s only about a dozen residences down here. On the plus side, I pay $40 a month. I’m retired, so I can afford to wait and watch the ducks out in the Lagoon.


    1. aj,
      Even though I’m a staunch liberal, I don’t believe government does a better job than old fashion competition, and I’d rather see the market solve the problem than the government. Free trade ya know…


  2. I think we can all agree that the internet has been a complete failure. For it to work you would need a computer on every desk and in every hand.

    This will only happen if you lower taxes on the rich. They could then buy all the stuff and tinkle down old equipment. Then the rich could make more money and directly help the poor with old inferior equipment.

    It’s time to take a stand. Rich people know best that is why they have all the money. Poor people should be thankful for whatever the rich dispose of. Whether it be toxic waste, broad band or even rotten caviar.

    “I am working on a trump speech for Christmas Day. Let me know if I used to many big words and stuff”


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