Colbert Calls Trump an “A**hole”

4 thoughts on “Colbert Calls Trump an “A**hole”

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  1. So is it plagiarism use a derivation of Bill Maher’s term, Orange Sphincter? 45 may be an A**hole to them, but for the middle and lower classes, 45 is a major hemorrhoid, a major pain in the ass.


  2. This is a good day for that LIAR to resign his attempt to rig a election and return America to the people of the United States of America.


  3. Trump is attempting to act this am. He is trying out for the lousy actor award. Speaking in front of law enforcement, he lies directly to them to their face. Yesterday I received another phone call from the FATernal order of un police asking for money. They have called over 10 times this month. They are a scam and directly related to this lousy liar actor. They are the rogue officers standing on stage with this fraud and liar and enabling this crime against america.


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