Jimmy Kimmel on Roy Moore

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  1. Where is our sarah? Does she visit Bristol much in texas? Whats going on with the celebraty family from wasilly Alaska? When will the kids write the tell all books?


    1. That’s a pretty boring book. “We grew up snowmaching, camping, huntin…” yawn

      My thoughts:
      3 years ago Track Palin was happy, working (as always), going to toddler dance recitals, playing rec hockey without strain so as to not aggravate the injury that derailed his pro career, and acting as one of Bristol’s son’s babysitters given how unsuitable the Js were for that job. He did well in school and had no issues. All facts. He literally had no big problems that wouldn’t made people wonder if he COULD do any of this. He is the only Palin who HATES attention and media bullshit. A friend used to let him hide out in his coffee shop in 2010 and would keep gawkers away. And he ABSOLUTELY has disgust for lying liberals who abuse his family as well as his sister’s POS ex who is known for lying (all facts, again.) Shame on media for lying about this family and him. Bristol has a video of her son calling Track his hero from like 2 years ago. And seriously though, in SEPT of this year he was just caribou hunting with his gf to try to get the game he won in lotto and he was with Sarah and Todd in Mexico just prior to that racing with the famous racers. Prayers to good people.

      Liberals are sociopaths, as TRIPP, a 9 yr old, says.


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