Trump Promotes Roy Moore, Predator, To Make America Great Again

Donald Trump is so in favor of electing a sexual predator to Congress that he has made a robo call suggesting that the election of Roy Moore would make America “great again.”

Roy Moore is not only a sexual predator, but he has a history of being removed from office because he refused to abide by the rulings of superior Courts in Alabama.  Let me repeat that!  Roy Moore has a history of being removed as a judge TWICE for ethics violations.

He’s Known For His Religious Fundamentalism 

In 1996, a court ruled that Moore’s practice of opening court with a prayer was unconstitutional.  He called homosexual behavior “an inherent evil, and an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it.”  In 2001, Moore commissioned the installation of a 5,280 pound Ten Commandments statue in the state’s judicial building. A federal judge eventually ruled in 2003 that the statue violated the First Amendment’s principle of separation of church and state, and ordered it to be removed. Moore refused to comply and was removed from office in 2004 on ethics grounds.  In 2005, he said “homosexual conduct” should still be illegal.

In 2012, Moore was reelected as Chief Justice in a surprise election result.

In 2016, Moore ordered Alabama judges to disobey the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage. Once again, Moore was found guilty of ethics violations and was suspended from office for the rest of his term. In April 2017 Moore announced he would run for Senate.

Moore Has Used Racist Language During His Campaign

Last week, a video surfaced of Moore using racist language during a campaign speech, calling Asian and Native American people “yellows” and “reds.”

He Suggested 9/11 Was A Punishment From God

In a speech delivered in February, Moore suggested that 9/11 was a punishment delivered by God, reading bible quotes and then connecting them to the attacks on The Pentagon and the Twin Towers. He later said God was upset because Americans “legitimize sodomy” and “legitimize abortion,” according to CNN.

He’s A Birther

Moore has also established himself as a birther (a person who believes that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US). In December 2016, Moore told members of the Constitution Party that he didn’t believe Obama was born a citizen. The announcement came months after Donald Trump abandoned the theory publicly.

Thus, there are plenty of reasons the President should never endorse such a candidate, not to mention his history as a sexual predator.

Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for Senate in Alabama, ruled in a 1990s divorce case that a woman who had a lesbian affair couldn’t visit her children unsupervised or with her partner, writing that the “minor children will be detrimentally affected by the present lifestyle” of the mother.

It’s a sad day in America when the best candidate either party nominates for office is such an immoral liar, pedophile, and someone who believes his personal opinion is a higher authority than the United States Supreme Court.  It’s not just the case of a candidate with an immoral character, Moore is a person who was removed from office for violating the rule of law.  He is the embodiment of tyranny.  He believes he is a higher power than the US Supreme Court.  Just like Trump’s pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arapio, Trump believes that he and the people who share his views are above the law.

The robo calls made by Trump for Roy Moore are the very think that will destroy America!  It is one more example of Donald Trump’s defiance of the law.

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9 thoughts on “Trump Promotes Roy Moore, Predator, To Make America Great Again

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  1. Well – here it is Monday and the insanity spews in every direction.
    Moore is a repulsive person – no doubt about that.
    Did you see the interview this morning concerning the three woman who are asking for an investigation on past claims of Trump violating them? I hope something comes of this.


  2. At least one Moore supporter rates pedophiles higher up the moral chain than pro-choice voters. What the phuck is wrong with stoopid southern wingnuts?. Are they that inbred? Pardon my phonetic phrench.


    1. Mike I saw that today. Sometimes it is hard to just find the right words to express your feelings. They always seem to have an incredible explanation for their disgusting attitudes.


  3. Joaeph Campbell’s ‘The Hero With A Thousand Faces’ (1949) should be required reading for every single person on the planet. It would unite the entire planet within one generation.


  4. Now we learn how Roy Moore entered a brothel for pedophiles in southeast Asia, but decided to leave, worried about getting caught. He did not have any problems;em with his buddies who stayed and had sex with children. The spokesperson lady added a new dynamic by asking us to consider all the children he did not try to date. Never occurred to her that it was an admission of guilt or that it was somehow a normal type of relationship in Alabama.

    There’s some irony here. Alabama has bestiality laws. Farm animals are protected from sexual predators, but sex with children qualifies men to run for the U.S. Senate. Good old GOP family values.


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