Stupid Republicans Reveal The Real Problems with Politics in America

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  1. OK, here’s the best way to help intelligent people understand the task at hand. Cue the Twilight Zone opening voice of Rod Serling.
    Imagine having landed on an island off the coast of Africa where the inhabitants of the SR tribe, all white, blindly follow their chief, an old white guy. The tribe worships old white guys. You try to communicate in English. They understand English but, like their leader, have have no idea how to answer. They answer by repeating sounds their leader made, imitating his hand and arm gestures. You have entered the SR Zone where humans shed their intellectual ability and go back to their animal instincts, but instead of giving a paw or rolling over, they repeat sounds their owner taught them. The moral this episode is that you may as well try to talk politics with your dog or cat instead of interacting with the SR tribe.
    One follow up note, the SR tribe did send translators to interact with the humans. One was a zombie, a starving lady who apparently washed ashore and passed away and was born again. The other was an angry female bull, a hybrid born when one of the old white leaders mated with a Cape buffalo. Both interpreters had the same communication problem, but were also able to go off on tangents, changing topics and confusing the travelers who washed ashore.

    (disclaimer: I am an old white guy. independent no party affiliation. I interact with all sides to learn facts.
    One other note, I don’t shed friends and relatives because they make a black mark or punch hole on slip of paper in a private booth every 4 years.)


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