Rachel Maddow Excoriates Trump and Explains Russia Connection

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Rachel Maddow succinctly and clearly summarizes Trump’s connections to Russia!

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7 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow Excoriates Trump and Explains Russia Connection

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  1. That was an excellent report laid out by Rachel. I am so Thankful for those of you working so hard and reporting as much as possible. Thank you Malia. This espionage began several years ago in 08. Ms palin has helped. We have witnessed the organized crime of treason and espionage along with the worst of the worst underground mess on the planet. exposed.


    1. 4peace,
      I wish more people could see this. I’m afraid that the Russian probe is so complicated that many people get frustrated and just give up! I appreciate the way that Rachel simplified this.


      1. Indeed I wish the same. This is a global disaster, countries have been harmed, as well as here in the USA. It really is a good vs evil case. I believe there are many professionals helping to sort and connect dots. It is a small world after all!!! The Seth Abramson article is interesting too and his take. and Like 911, This was a simple plot! by simple usa traitors. All involved that enabled this crime committed the ultimate crime against the United States of America. And history will reflect that. A stain on USA history. Donald John Trump and his foundation of liars.


  2. Rachel is truly one of my favorite people. She – like you, Malia – make every day count and always does/do the very best.
    I have said this before – one of the things I admire most about her is if she makes an error on something – you can be sure the next day she will correct it. She and her staff do incredible research.


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