Trevor Noah on #DentureDonald–Hysterical!

2 thoughts on “Trevor Noah on #DentureDonald–Hysterical!

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  1. Maybe he had a dental procedure earlier in the day and the novocaine hadn’t worn off?? Nah, that would be showing a bit of kindness and understanding. Obviously, someone replaced his denture adhesive with Pam spray.


  2. I knew you would get a kick out of this one. #DentureDonald. What was that mess? This guy can’t get in front of a camera without turning it into a mess, either from sheer ignorance or just plain clumsy. This video really leaves a lot of doors open for speculation. Denture fail, yes, but maybe #TweakerTrump. Do the trainers have him on horse tranquilizers, so #ThorazineTrump?


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