Sarah Palin is Still the Loser!

The year was 1984.  Sarah Palin lost in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant to Maryline Blackburn.

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Some speculate that that contest was the beginning of Sarah’s distaste for African Americans.  Regardless, it seems that Sarah  failed to use that loss as a learning tool.  Years later when she competed with John McCain she lost again.  Instead of losing gracefully she became hateful and single minded in her quest for retribution against Barack Obama.  Not only did she criticize any political positions of Obama, Palin blamed Obama for her son’s arrest for domestic violence, and for the Gulf Oil Spill.  Even Bill O’Reilly was appalled that Palin would condemn Obama for the leak.

It seems the similarities between Palin and Blackburn continue.  Both have run for City Council and both won their elections by less than 100 votes, Palin by 95 votes, and Blackburn by 72 votes.  However that’s where the similarities end.  Palin had an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Alaskans, but she quit.  Blackburn has dedicated herself to making a difference.  She recently became Smyrna’s city council member. A year before that, she tried her hand at politics for the first time. She unsuccessfully ran for the state House of Representatives’ District 34 seat.  In spite of the loss, she persisted and ran for another political position, winning this time.

However the bigger difference between Palin and Blackburn is not the color of their skin, or the fact that Palin is a quitter and Blackburn persevered.  Blackburn used her status as a celebrity to start a charitable foundation.  Conversely,  Palin used her status as a celebrity to make money for herself

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and her family.

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Blackburn started her non-profit “Divas With a Cause” in 2011. It operates as a way for female singers to come together and raise awareness about a variety of topics.

DIVAS WITH A CAUSE (DWAC) is a musical fundraising collaboration of talented female vocalists that communicate, educate, raise awareness and funds in support of various non-profit charitable organizations, whose efforts in finding cures, aiding families, and sponsoring research commits them to enhance the quality of life in our communities.”

Imagine the good that Sarah could have done for kids with disabilities had she chosen to use her status to raise awareness for such kids.  Instead Palin chose the path that has benefited nobody except herself.

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13 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is Still the Loser!

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  1. Info about Blackburn is interesting – have oftened wondered about her. Good news and sounds like a very good person.
    Hard to say where Palin’s horrible attitudes started. If people who knew her “way back when” would talk that would reveal a lot. She seems to have been able to frighten people into silence. She has literally blown every opportunity she had. A waste of a person and countless wasted opportunities to do good work.


    1. She still has the same friends because she’s still the same, humble Sarah. If you’re a good person she will always be friends with you. This is a pretty dependable truth. I’m not sure why people are deadset on creating a fictional portrayal.


      1. You’re “not sure”, Nikki, because you choose to not see. For you are “saved”. It ALWAYS comes back to your infantilized misinterpretation of spirituality. ALWAYS.


    2. Totally agree, Pat, but $arah was NEVER about working. Heck, she couldn’t even finish college. Learn enough buzzwords and catchphrases, lick the lips, dress provocatively, and elected! Then hire others to do your job for you. She may have gotten by with it in Alasssska; the country said “hell no.” I wonder how she likes losing to a black person twice….judging by her demeanor, not too bloody much! Poor baby. Boo Hoo.


  2. She is a narcissistic toddler like Trump. She is incapable of charity. Nothing she has done or will do will be about altruism. Her universe is tiny and it revolves around her.Thank dog she is now on the extreme fringe and gets almost no publicity. Even the cultists (at least some of them) see the vacuity of Palin. Her vacuity and ignorance make her evil because she has no ability to see the nuances of people and society. I suspect her father is largely responsible.


  3. Whatever happened to the youngest child, the one she clumsily carried like an oversize purse? Palin was pandering to families with mentally challenged children, but seems to have lost interest. Too bad Barstool can’t tell the truth and hustle some mental health bucks with her fitness chum drinks.

    Great column on people who give back to the community without expecting financial reward. They just do it out of the goodness of their hearts.


  4. She doesn’t have a distaste for black people. She did not take her second place badly. She did the pageant to pay for school and got along with everyone, as she still talks to many of the girls. She’d likely have a ball talking to Blackburn if there ever cross paths again. This is a woman who was delighted over her daughter’s friend dating a black man. ::rolls eye at liberals’ racism::


    1. Her daughter’s friend…what’s this, the National Enquirer? Daily Mail? You obviously forget that when she took office, she fired as many black people as she could for no reason. Keep spinning; you’re the one that looks the fool.


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