Bristol Pretends to be a Victim While Selling Sex With Mom!

Trying to take advantage of the public outrage over multiple men who have committed egregious acts of sexual harassment in the workplace or as elected officials, Bristol has suggested that she and her “entire family” were also victims of sexual harassment.  In support of her assertion she cited (1) Chris Wallace, simply making an inappropriate reference to Sarah, for which he apologized.  (2) David Letterman’s joke that was made at the expense of Bristol.

Letterman did later apologize for the JOKES.  (3) Alisyn Camerota, a woman, who asked Sarah about her breast implants.

Image result for sarah palin flat chestedImage result for sarah palin flat chested

and (4) MIKE TYSON, a convicted rapist, for his “sexually explicit comments about Sarah having sex with black men for votes”.  Bristol remarked that ‘He can’t vote, of course, being a felon, but he said my mom “could always get boned out by a black person, a vote to bang her.”‘

Bristol summed up her feelings by saying:

‘If we’re serious about real change, we need to apply the same standard to all, regardless of politics or demographics or anything else that’s been used in the past to judge victims and perpetrators.’

The absurdity of Bristol’s outrage is obvious.

  1.  Each of Bristol’s specific remarks relate to comments made by people who were not the boss or elected politician for any member of the Palin family.
  2. It was Track Palin who assaulted the mother of his illegitimate baby.
  3. It was Bristol who advertised herself on Dancing With the Stars by laying on the floor and having her partner mount her.

Image result for malia litman bristol palin dancing stars mount

Image result for bristol palin dancing with the stars floor

4.  It was Bristol who described sex in her book, hoping to sell more books.

Image result for bristol palin not afraid life

5.  It was Bristol’s dad who sold women for sex.

 It seems to be a Palin Family Value.  Selling Sex is a great business.  People are curious.  The police in Alaska seem to be some of their best customers.  They don’t have to pay tax on their income from selling sex.

I have previously documented the many ways Sarah has used sexual innuendo to gain attention.

palin blowing kisses

51079939 Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada in Las, Vegas, Nevada on April 26, 2013. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

When disparaging Obama, she has referred to his “big stick” and his “cojones.”

obama laughing

Bristol has written books about sex with Levi, and Levi has posed for Playgirl.

levi playgirl shower

Bristol has also advertised her close relationship with porn stars.

bristol camping friend

bristol's exotic model friend

bristol's friend one bed


There was even the photo Sarah posted on Facebook of the supporter she aroused.

erect palin fan

Sarah used the word “spanked” in the context of a comment that Ted Cruz schooled the media.  Sarah said:

When Ted Cruz spanked them, they deserved to be spanked.”

There was no reason for Palin’s choice of the word “spanked.”  A quick glance at the on-line Thesaurus gives 47 other verbs that she could have used.

Sarah Palin, Todd Palin, and Bristol are each vile, disgusting, creatures.  It’s increasing clear that what they are selling is sex…and nothing else.

The definition of a prostitute is “to use something valuable, such as talent, in a way that is not appropriate or respectable especially to earn money.” In Sarah Palin’s case she is a prostitute, selling sex.

For 6 years we have watched as Sarah has shown that everything she does is motivated by one thing…making money. In order to keep herself relevant and making money, she purposefully makes reference to sex. She has posed in, what she thinks are, sexy clothes, trying to attract attention.

palin shoulderless pie

As her popularity is on the decline, she has desperately taken off more and more clothes, trying to attract attention.

palin more chest


palin video no shirt

Market analysts have shown that sex sells.

Sarah has now attacked the GOP for having “deflated balls”. Talking about the GOP, Sarah said:
“ You know what? It’s not just the New England Patriots who are dealing with deflated balls right now.”

Remember when Sarah used the words “limp” “impotent” and “gutless” to describe a reporter who reported facts that were less than flattering?

In the trailer for Amazing America suggested that she was willing to go with any man who would show her an “amazing time”.

The only thing “amazing” about Sarah Palin is that anyone still gives her money!

Article Image

The really amazing thing is that US4Palin doesn’t pretend otherwise. Under the phrase “sharing is sexy” is this picture.

palin boobs us 4 palin


17 thoughts on “Bristol Pretends to be a Victim While Selling Sex With Mom!

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  1. When I saw this a couple of days ago – I think on Daily Mail – I wondered if you would pick up on it. I have noticed over the past few months – whenever Bristol submits something she gets very few comments. People are just not interested in what she has to say. People know what frauds and users all of the Palins are and they have been take out to the dumpster. But – they keep grasping for that attention. Any kind of attention.


      1. She doesn’t live in AK. Sarah and Piper were in Texas a couple weeks before Thxgiving after their DC trip. Sarah and Todd go down there a lot apparently to visit grandkids, daughter and other friends. Todd and Track have always gone to Texas in previous years to visit friends. Sarah had thanksgiving with her siblings families and inlaws two separate days.

        Why does this matter? It doesn’t. Hate and lies just consume your mind.


  2. At some point in her development narcissism walloped decency completely out out Sarah Palin. Not a shred is left. She has been playing ‘winky’ games forever. Bristol is her mother’s daughter in all respects. Hypocrisy is their motto.


  3. Sounds like she – whose only currency in life has been promotion of her pussy, the random assortment of kids that have tumbled out of it, and a 6-figure check stub from a nonprofit essentially begging her to stop using it – is bored and lonely in her loveless marriage down in Texas .


    1. I don’t understand the point of writing such drivel? Are you annoyed that instead of Bristol playing the victim card, she took a few big jobs to give her son a college fund and large bank account, yet otherwise lives a humble life? Sounds like you are jealous with all your slander here.


  4. You keep talking about the Wasilla Wendigo and family and pretty soon even super homogenized bleach won’t wash you clean. Imagine antibiotic resistant Palin Pus. Yikes!.


  5. This is official proof that Sarah Palin has been committing ongoing sexual assault for years.

    We can clearly see on page 2 of this United Nations document that WINKING IS SEXUAL HARRASSMENT.

    It is well documented on this blog for years the innumerable winks – the sexual harrassment – that Sarah Palin has been committing and getting away with for decades.

    We have had enough.

    If you’ve ever seen Sarah Palin wink at you in any format (print, video, in person), it is time to say “ME TOO”. It is time to step forward and bring demand justice.


      1. ‘Throwing Kisses’ is also sexual harassment, it says.

        Malia, add this crime to your suit, please, as Sarah is a kiss blower too.


  6. Malia – The Wasilla loon and her off-spring need to re-think playing the “victim”. They were involved in a brawl that they apparently started at a party they weren’t invited to, and played the victims. They are grifters and play the victims. They got pregnant and played the victims. Sarah allowed Trig to stand on the back of a dog and she played the victim, and went so far as to go on FOX to try to get sympathy for herself and her son! Wonder what happened to the dog, Jill? These people will sink to any low to get money, sympathy, or attention. What kind of a sick person is Sarah to support Josh Duggar – who raped his sisters? Sarah endorsed two other sexual harassers, Donald Trump and Roy Moore. Sarah’s silence about the man who stood with her and showed a bulge in his crotch speaks volumes!

    PS – OT
    1) Per the NYT, Billy Bush pushed back and told Trump that the voice on the Access Hollywood tape was Trump’s voice!
    2) On Tuesday, there is a hearing in the New York state Supreme Court about the defamation lawsuit against Trump, filed by Summer Zervos..


  7. Are “Lily” and “Maira” based in the U.S. or are they Russian trolls? They read like GOP or Russian boiler room posts. Can’t believe the trolls and bots still pay attention to the Palins, but then the Palins thrive on stirring up hate and chaos.


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