Sarah Palin is a Magnet for Abusive Men!

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In the last 24 hours Sarah Palin has posted 13 stories on her Facebook page regarding the scandal involving Matt Lauer.  Some might argue that Sarah is a woman’s champion, and only a liberal would find fault with her condemnation of Matt Lauer.  However this liberal finds fault with Sarah’s choice of men to condemn.  It seems that she only finds fault with men who might be perceived as liberal, or those that harass only adult females. The most outrageous example of the hypocrisy of Palin is her marriage to a pimp.

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Who could forget her friendship with Josh Duggar, and her support of him even after allegations of sexual molestation. 

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Who could forget her friendship with Ted Nugent, the man who admitted he was addicted to young girls?

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Then there was her endorsement and friendship with Donald Trump, the man with the most power and the most outrageous history of sexual abuse.

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Who could forget her friendship with the duck hunter who advertised his philosophy that men should only marry women who can cook, carry a bible, and are 15 years old.

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Both Sarah and Phil Robertson have supported the serial pedophile, Roy Moore.

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Make no mistake!  Sarah Palin is not interested in protecting women.  She is only interested in condemning liberals.  Liberal or conservative, sexual abuse, harassment, or molestation is always wrong.  Working as a pimp is the ultimate use and abuse of women.  Does anyone believe that Sarah was unaware of Todd’s profession?  Does anyone excuse Sarah Palin for tolerating Todd’s use and abuse of women?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to consider the men Sarah calls “friend” or “husband” to realize that Sarah has no interest in representing women and girls!

Palin is not a feminist.  She is bad for women, and the men she supports are bad for women.

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Don’t forget who she worked for.

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Don’t forget who’s show she appeared on.

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Don’t forget the other media star she befriended.Image result for sarah palin rush limbaugh

He’s the one who hates educated women.  It’s as if Sarah Palin were a magnet for men who harass women, men who disparage women, and men who abuse women and girls.

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16 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is a Magnet for Abusive Men!

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  1. Palin has, of late. been strangely quiet – until it serves her purpose. I know some people follow her and believe the nonsense she continues to spew. I wish she could understand. though. her time is over – and she has not used it wisely.


  2. Given Creepy Chuck Sr., it is no wonder that she hangs around “men” such as these. Shailey may have been scared into silence, but ‘boys will be boys” is all $arah, and, honestly, I’ve always believed that she likes the sick attention. She sure dresses and acts the tart role willingly, but what else to do when you have a two digit IQ.


  3. Malia, At first I read all the article and then the stories about Shay including the ones she posted on her blog and here and others and thought there was maybe really something here. Then when the story not only fizzled but died I was puzzled. Surely Palin and her lawyer don’t have the juice to kill something this important. Even Shay isn’t promoting it at this point. I’m puzzled how after so many years there isn’t another source, another woman who says #metoo or some corroborating information that doesn’t ultimately trace back to Shailey. Supposedly this was a high end prostitution/extortion ring. What high end pimp has only one average/overweight hooker? Not that I’m super hooker savvy but I would expect Elliott Spitzer quality women being flown around the country for that sort of ring. Where are they? None of this makes sense. I know you like this story but none of it makes sense. Before you say “but why didn’t they deny it?” remember it’s just possible that the Palins think you are nuts and not worth corresponding with.


    1. Anonymous,
      They maythink I’m nuts, but the interview I did with Dave Parker was real, and he admitted that it was Palin’s attorney that asked him to issue the “press release” to the National Enquirer, and the calendar that was seized “DID” have todd’s name on it and the cell number was Diana’s.


  4. Remember trump buddy owns the national enquirer, Palin blew the take over in 08. Tea bag sara straped the belmonts on for 2012 and continued to promote alt right hate. Has Mueller had a word with the palins? She had meeting and pizza with trump. She knows about hacking. She knows about sex assault and the military complex in Alaska? She knows Russian and putin. Remember? Trump has been motivated to run as president for years in the making.


  5. There is no conservative party. They are the party LIARS. Big spenders. and Takers. They do not represent Americans or America. They are Trump. A Liar, Cheat, Thief, and Predator.


  6. And the grizzled rapture loving woman gladly dragged her daughters into the lifestyle and abuse for another generation. A mothers love and guidance is so very important most of the time.


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