North Korea Advertises It’s New “Big Honking Missile”

Image result for north korea new missile

North Korea’s “big honking missile” could be a bigger threat and more powerful than previously thought.

3 thoughts on “North Korea Advertises It’s New “Big Honking Missile”

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  1. Melania’s wikipedia page says that as a model she only got Third Tier modeling work because her movements were not very graceful.

    Her English is like she’s trying to swallow a Wonder Bread sandwich at the same time words are trying to come up and out. Its what a Double Laryngeal Spasm might sound like.

    Or an oaf.


  2. Interesting looking piece of equipment. Very similar to the Iranian missile launchers that roam the mountains along the Persian Gulf. The “Honker” is not as much of an issue as is the mobility of these weapons. They are moving targets and carry a variety of designs. You don’t know which trucks have the long range nuclear warheads.

    As more cuts are made to education, science, and research, the US falls farther behind in in defense technology. Creative minds are built from the ground up, a decent education is one of the building blocks for competing with the world in technological innovation. For the past few decades, GOP funding cuts have dumbed down America, turning us into the largest Third World country on earth. Our troops are under a Commander who spends his time on a toilet sending unedited policy messages from a cell phone.


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