Trump Previously Testified that Indians Don’t Pay Taxes

Many have indicated that Trump’s Pocahontas comment was not intended as a racist slur, but instead a way to criticize Elizabeth Warren.  However in 1993 Trump testified before Congress revealing his real attitude about Native Americans, he called “Indians.”


6 thoughts on “Trump Previously Testified that Indians Don’t Pay Taxes

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  1. Let me tell you about injuns. Trump is write as usual. When I was in the Salvation Army in the 1840’s the injuns never paid taxes.

    They ran around selling pelts for guns and booze. They never paid a dime in taxes or even kick backs or other common business practices.

    Trump is not predjuduce or big word stuff. He is just an honest crook Llieing to find the truth about injuns and other creepy aliens. His passion for illegal criminal aliens will only be enhanced when he can collect his 10 percent mob tax on these feathery freaks.

    I think that trump should be taken for his word when he is lieing. The lie will always set you free. As long as there are no alive witnesses.



  2. One must wonder about trumps heritage. What does his DNA tell us? The Drumpf surname only listed approx. 350 drumpf family in the world. A rare surname. I could be wrong. His lack of loyalty to the USA and the fact he has married 2 women from communist countries and “deals” with kgb Russians is odd.


  3. More of the limited range of 45’s understanding of the structure of government and our country. He has no clue that the indigenous people were allowed to set up casinos because they reside in what might be called sovereign nations, not under U.S. rule. This electoral vote winner is the antithesis of the spirit of our indigenous nations. With the Andrew Jackson painting and racial slurs, he has finally completed the full circle of colors of bigotry.

    So, with the racial types covered, 45 went after Muslims again. Once Kushner is indicted he will start on the people he really wants to target, the Jews.


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