Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump Supporting Roy Moore

2 thoughts on “Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump Supporting Roy Moore

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  1. Yes, Judge Roy perved on teen age girls while in his 30’s. But that’s conduct that seems to be tolerated in Alabama, even at the present. At the time it happened, it was no more serious than stealing a lawn mower. And the Mary and Joseph thing is compelling. Or is it? Remember: God was the sexual predator who knocked up the teen age virgin Mary. Roy was just likening himself to God. What’s wrong with that? Joseph was just along for the ride.

    Roy’s a sinner, but then we’re all sinners. After he’s elected, he’ll confess and perform some whup-ass act of contrition, and then be forgiven by the Lord and Savior, Donald J. Trump. Even with his flaws, Roy’s way better than that soft-on-crime liberal Democrat who will take away our guns, close our churches, and force our womenfolk to have abortions.

    The Fake News media completely avoids reporting on Roy’s ultra-positive attributes. He righteously erected a 2 – 1/2 ton Ten Commandments monument in the courthouse, defied an order from an activist Federal judge to remove it, and then was wrongfully banished from the bench for exercising his First Amendment rights. Same wrongful punishment for furthering God’s will and ordering his judicial underlings to disallow same-sex marriages.

    The list of positives goes on. Roy rightfully believes that Muslims should not serve in government. Same with women — and that’s straight out of the Bible.
    In fact, they shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. He’s a staunch Second Amendment advocate who proudly brandishes a revolver at his speeches. It’s a revolver small enough that it would even fit into Trump’s tiny hands. And don’t get him started about the Gays, who ought to be locked up and prohibited from practicing their ungodly lifestyle outside of prison. Projecting? What would happen if there were documented cases of Roy groping and molesting 14-year old boys?

    Roy’s been quiet about Mexicans and other undesirables, but he’s probably saving those issues until two or three days before the election. Moore and Putin in 2020!


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