SNL Thanksgiving with Debbie Downer

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  1. The recognition of the secondary nature of the personality of whatever deity is worshipped is characteristic of most of the traditions of the world. In Christianity, Mohammedanism. and Judaism, however, the personality of the divinity is taught to be final – which makes it comparatively difficult for the members of these communions to understand how one may go beyond the limitations of their own anthropomorphic divinity. The results have been, on the one hand, a general obfuscation of the symbols, and on the other, a god-ridden bigotry such as is unmatched elsewhere in the history of religion.

    Obama knew this, and parlayed these sensitivities into his holiday cards.

    Those who felt threatened by seeing this childish uninitiated “worship error” reflected in themselves, weren’t so much stating obama and others were declaring a war on christmas, essentially a war against them, so much as they were palpitating their reflexive response, an iron-clad fistedness to do battle against those who dare open the veil to let the light in.


    1. The reason is their inability to see eternity in time, and time in eternity. The reason behind this is their worship of a savior. Childish!!!


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