Navajo Code Talkers Should Send a Message to Trump!

It was supposed to be a ceremony honoring and focusing attention on the invaluable contribution of the Navajo Code Talkers to America during WWII.  Most people don’t know about the Navajo contributions.  President Trump was supposed to honor them and bring attention to their efforts, even though its almost 70 years later.  Five Seconds into the President’s remarks that were supposed to be honoring Navajo veterans, Trump felt compelled to refer to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” in what can only be considered a racial slur, and a remark that was totally inappropriate in this setting.
Instead of honoring these brave men, the President turned the event into an outrageous assault on Native Americans and opposing politicians.
Who were the code talkers?  What President Trump didn’t say was that during WWII the Japaneese were quite adept at breaking American codes.
“As a result, American battle plans became known to the enemy almost immediately, often before they had become operational, and there appeared to be no immediate workable solution. The result was an appalling loss of American lives. One war analyst commented, ‘Military communications were made available to the enemy like sand sifting through a sieve.’ Some months before, Philip Johnston, a middle-aged civil engineer who lived in Los Angeles, read a newspaper article on military security. During World War I, he had served with U.S. forces in France, and although too old to fight in World War II, Johnston wanted to aid the current war effort in some way. From the age of four, he had lived on the Navajo Indian Reservation, where his parents were Protestant missionaries, and had consequently grown up speaking the Navajo tongue with his playmates. Now, as he read, the concept of a secret military code based on the Navajo language flashed across his mind.
Johnston’s confidence in his theory lay in the fact that the Navajo language includes a number of words that, when spoken with varying inflections, may have as many as four totally different meanings. Navajo verb forms are especially complex. To most listeners, the language is virtually incomprehensible and has been variously likened to the rumble of a moving freight train, the gurgling noises of a partially blocked sink drain, or, jokingly, the resonant thunder of an old-fashioned commode being flushed. As a result, use of the Navajo tongue was confined almost entirely to the reservation; few non-Navajos spoke or understood it. And it was a ‘hidden language,’ there not yet being an alphabet or written form for others to study.
Exactly how the Navajos did their job remained a mystery to many Marine Corps staff officers. However, their proficiency, both under training conditions and later in actual combat, proved that the Navajos were completely reliable and erased the initial distrust felt by some Marine officers.

ere it not for the Navajo Code Talkers, the Marines never would have taken Iwo Jima.’

On an August evening in 1945, the Navajos were, quite naturally, a

But for most of the men who wished to marry and raise families, there were severe problems. Jobs were scarce; in fact, there were none to be had on the reservation. Many banks refused to make G.I. loans even to honorably discharged veterans because Navajo families held their reservation land parcels in trust and had no proof of title. The men felt, with considerable justification, that it was a shameful way for their government to treat them. But, as one veteran code talker remarked, ‘We’ve faced difficult situations before, and tough trails have never defeated us! Somehow the Navajos surviv
A Japanese general admitted after World War II that the most highly skilled Japanese cryptographers had not been able to decipher the Marines’ messages. After being informed that it was a code based on a Native American language, he said: ‘Thank you, that is a puzzle I thought would never be solved.’

Asked during an interview on CNN if he took Trump’s comments about the Massachusetts Democrat as a slur, Russell Begaye said he did.

“I feel that the way it was used, yes it was. Pocahontas is a real person, not a caricature, not something or someone made up,” he said on CNN’s “New Day.” “This is a person, a young lady, a Native American woman that played a critical role in the life of this nation. And to use that person in that way is unnecessary and is culturally insensitive.”

 Image result for trump pocahontas

Trump began mocking Warren, who claims a Native American heritage, as “Pocahontas” while campaigning during the 2016 presidential election.

Begaye said Trump should have never uttered the word in front of the Native Americans.

“This was a day to honor them,” he said. “And to insert something like that — the word Pocahontas as a jab to a senator — that belongs on the campaign trail, that doesn’t belong in the room where war heroes are being honored.”

Trump hosted the event beneath a painting of Andrew Jackson, the former president who in 1830 signed legislation to relocate more than 60,000 Native Americans from Georgia to Oklahoma.  Thousands died during the trek, which came to be known as the “Trail of Tears.”

Shame on Donald Trump for such an offensive remark at the expense of national heroes!  It was as if the entire country was disrespecting the Navajo people, the very reason that these heroes needed to be honored 70 years after the war.

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  1. Trump is such a disgusting hateful boar. He has to be an asshole to everyone. I have never witnessed such a pathetic human in my life. Oh please Mueller remove this toxic waste of human. He literally makes me sick to my stomach and causes illness.


      1. In general I applaud and respect politicians, especially when they do the right thing, honest as possible and work for all americans. Today we see a large mess in congress. The republicans have turned into a party of sewage if only for the fact that they have enabled the crime of the century and directly have harmed and insulted most everyone. The fact that they are a part of treason and espionage against America is beyond words.


  2. Time to make some money off this fool. National betting pool to guess the date and hour 45 spits out the “N” word. His clueless staff lets him get videotaped doing a Native American event in front of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. We’re lucky he didn’t have a photo of Heinrich Himmler up for Netanyahu’s visit.


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