Thanksgiving…A Time to Be Thankful that Someone is Trying to Impeach Trump

Trump Thanksgiving

Donald Trump handed out turkey sandwiches and potato chips to the members of the Coast Guard stationed near Mar a Lago as a way to justify his trip to Florida over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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Of course he had turkey and all the fixings at his Thanksgiving table in between playing the 17th and 18th hole of golf.

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President Barack Obama and his family had spent past Thanksgivings working in soup kitchens.  Evidently the soup kitchens weren’t compatible with golf.  Trump’s Thanksgiving meal in Mar-a-Lago later in the day included “turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows — as well as local produce, red snapper, Florida stone crab and a variety of baked goods, cakes, and pies,” a spokeswoman for the first lady told The New York Times.

Trump made a speech while passing out the bags of chips.  Whether it was the lack of prepared remarks or too much fast food, Trump made some of the most bizarre comments of any speeches so far during this presidency.

Then Trump was hurried off to his Palm Beach golf course where he spent at least five hours. His staff wouldn’t say how much golf he played during his five-day trip but his time on the links did include golfing with pros Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Brad Faxon on one occasion and with retired pro Jack Nicklaus on another, The Associated Press reported.



Trump’s Thanksgiving venture to Palm Beach cost taxpayers a whopping $2 million dollars just fort he flights to and from Mar a Lago.  That’s a high price to pay for turkey.

While Trump was pardoning a turkey, the American people indicated we were unwilling to pardon him.  Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, introduced articles of impeachment before Congress.

The articles of impeachment included five different grounds for impeachment.  They included obstruction of justice in his firing of former FBI Director James Comey, violated the foreign emoluments clause by taking money from foreign powers, violated the domestic emoluments clause by profiting off of the Trump brand during his presidency, undermined the federal judiciary by pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and undermined the freedom of the press with his persistent badgering of the news media.

Vocal advocate for impeachment charges Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, was also in attendance at the press conference, lending his support to Cohen’s proposal.  Reps. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio; Adriano Espaillat (D-New York); and John Yarmuth (D-Kentucky) also endorse the charges.
The same Professor who predicted Trump’s election has now predicted that he will be impeached.

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…A Time to Be Thankful that Someone is Trying to Impeach Trump

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  1. He does not seem to be able to do anything with class. I read he made the typical Pocahantes (sp?) about Warren at an event today held at the White House to honor the Navajo men who were real heroes in WW11. I am soooo sick of him.


  2. Let’s just hope he has the wherewithall, the decency, to let this nation’s bully-intolerant First Lady tie back her hair before assuming her daily duty of giving Dumpster Donald his post-fried-chicken rimjob. Mmmmmmmmm, melabia.


  3. The best he could do was turkey sandwiches, chips and offer his wife to look at? I bet that went over well with the coast guard for outstanding service. Trump is so back azz backwards, no wonder he is a failure at everything, A lousy con.


  4. Someone should tell Trump that the Coast Guard is not a “brand” but a branch of the US military, trained to protect the coastlines and the people along them. Living in a Coast Guard city, I feel nothing but support for them. I pity the members of the Coast Guard who had to stand there in Florida and feign interest in the drivel he was spouting.

    And what is wrong with the third wife? She dresses so bizarrely from her feet to her baseball caps. . . . She never even pretends to look happy or involved or polite to people. If a camera points at her, she pretends to be a high fashion model (in fact, she never was one) and looks even more ridiculous than usual. I cannot wait for this national misery to end!


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