Ivanka Trump’s Interview: “Born Rich” (the true Ivanka)

2 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump’s Interview: “Born Rich” (the true Ivanka)

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  1. When is America going to wake up and smell the indifference? We are governed by three bodies of politicians who are far removed from the general population. They have no clue what the average American experiences. They are sheltered, isolated, from the day to day challenges facing the middle class and poor. We are no longer governed “by the people.” The wealthy politicians assume everyone lives just like them.

    We need to replace our current system of entitled, wealthy, corporate governance and replace it with true civil servants, middle class and poor, who will run the country on a middle class salary. We need a mix of representatives who reflect the United States’ and even he world’s mix of gender, race, religion, social class, and so on. We will even tolerate the 1% and give them 1% representation.
    I did not get into sexuality. I worry that pedophiles might try to gain representation as a spinoff of the Tea Party. As far as the rest of the classifications, we need to return sexuality to the privacy it deserves. I don’t care how you “do it.”


    1. When I was in college, in 1998, I worked with a girl who spent 8 years in foster care. When she aged out she had about $700 to her name and nowhere to go. I let her live with me in my house, a house I purchased for 50g after working 80 hours week for 18 months. During that time I also made enough to pay for 2 years of college.

      She lived with me for 10 months, paying only full utilities and her food. It’s not 20 years later and she has 4 kids under 9, is married, has a job in health care (I believe she is a med assistant) and literally has no problems besides small daily ones everyone has.

      Yes, I agree everyone starts out in different places.

      But anyone can find success. It takes common sense and personal responsibility.


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