Which of the Liars is Telling the Truth? Trump or Papadopoulos?

President Donald Trump is pictured. | Getty Images
It’s easy enough when you’re the President of the United States to assert that the media is reporting “fake news”.  When the President of the United States denies that something is true, who could be more credible than the President?  However when the President is Donald Trump, credibility may be in question.  When one of the witnesses against the President is George Papadopoulos, a former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, it is hard to know who is telling the truth.  That is, unless Papadopoulos was wearing a wire during a meeting with Trump, and then its hard to convince anyone that Trump was not Trump.

Papadopoulos admitted he met with Russians to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Previously Papadopoulos claimed that he lied to the FBI out of loyalty to the president, according to ABC.  A person with “directly knowledge” of the investigation told ABC News that George Papadopoulos did not want to contradict Trump, who has denied any allegations of Russian connections.

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Now Papadopoulos claims President Donald Trump knew that he intended to meet with foreign nationals.  George Papadopoulos has already pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his meeting with a Kremlin-linked Russian academic who promised “thousands of emails” that would hurt the Clinton campaign, but the just-reported comments from Politico would be the first time Papadadoulos’s work had a direct link to Trump himself, rather than lower-level campaign staffers.

Claims by George Papadopoulos contradict assertions by President Donald Trump and other administration officials that he was a bit player in the campaign whom they barely remember.

George Papadopoulos claimed last year that Donald Trump telephoned him to discuss his new position as a foreign policy adviser to his presidential campaign and that the two had at least one personal introductory meeting that the White House has not acknowledged.

Papadopoulos also claimed that he’d been given a “blank check” to choose a senior Trump administration job and authorized to represent the candidate in overseas meetings with foreign leaders, and at a campaign event in New York.

Papadopoulos made the claims in several interviews with two Greek journalists during and after the 2016 election, one of whom detailed them for POLITICO. They contradict assertions by Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other Trump officials that Papadopoulos was a bit player in the campaign whom they barely remember.

One person close to Papadopoulos told POLITICO that his claims about personal interactions with Trump were untrue, but declined to elaborate. The two Greek journalists were skeptical as well, saying Papadopoulos was prone to self-promotional exaggeration. “Everyone knows I helped him [get] elected, now I want to help him with the presidency,” Papadopoulos said in one text message published by the newspaper.

In court documents unsealed last month, Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents about his communications with individuals claiming to represent the Russian government and who may have been trying to infiltrate or influence Trump’s campaign by offering him “dirt” and incriminating emails about rival Hillary Clinton.

So the question is who is lying?  We have seen and heard Trump lie more often than he tells the truth.  Papadopoulos has admitted he is a liar, and lied to the FBI.  Thus with two admitted liars telling contradictory stories, it is hard to know who to believe.


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  1. Which one is willing to testify under oath? Which one is providing evidence? which one was willing to wear a hidden microphone? Which one reveals his tax returns?


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