John Oliver: The Trump Presidency

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  1. With all the claims of past sexual abuse/harassment and pedofilia dominating the news recently, and with the “Me Too” hashtag empowering people to feel safe to speak up, one would think Sarah Palin would finally speak up about her father Chuck Heath molesting her over the years. Yet, instead, she made a reference to carrying a gun to protect herself, which also doubled as a reference to her fake breasts (“I’m packing). She likely wasnt carrying a gun as a defenseless underaged girl while Chuck bought an hour alone with Sarah by sending Sally out to the store to buy some bullets and bibles.
    Her compassion and solution for victims is guns and violence, and she no doubt blames victims for not similarly “packing”. Is a child supposed to carry a gun, “governor?”
    She presents her entire being as objectified, as sex object, idyllizing and providing subject and insurance of the future mistreatment of women. With her silence, she sides with the perpetrators. Her evangelical loyalty is a universal violation of truth.
    Shame on you Sarah.

    PS. Do all private citizens get to meet up with senators on Capitol hill like she did, wtf?


  2. This started with a clown car full of candidates. One of the worst won, and he has managed to destroy the party he claims to represent. He has no leadership ability. He equates governing with toilet Tweets made in the middle of the night.
    A year of chaos directed by the leader of Russia. The words of Nikita Krushchev have come to pass, “We will bury you!’ He also made comments that the USSR would defeat the USA without using any weapons of war.


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