Proof that Moore is Lying


This was the interview Conway gave on the accusations against Roy Moore.

In the interview Martha Raddatz pushed Conway to agree that Roy Moore shouldn’t be allowed to run for Senate due to the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct with minors.  Conway would not agree unless it was proved to be “true” that Moore in fact committed the sexual misconduct.  It didn’t seem to matter that there are 5 women who have confirmed inappropriate conduct or that their stories were credible.  She explained that we shouldn’t let the press prosecute someone.  She must have forgotten her remarks re Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, who has given money to Hillary’s campaign.

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Conway must have forgotten she said to Hillary:

“She is not trying to help victims of sexual assault. I welcome that. She can call me at the White House today. She knows the number. She was the first lady for eight years, and work in a bipartisan fashion on sexual assault.”

Conway went on to explain: “… I felt like a woman who ran to be commander-in-chief and president of the United States – the first one ever – who talks about women’s empowerment took an awfully long time to give support to those women who were coming forward …”

Thus when speaking about Clinton, Conway didn’t suggest that Clinton should wait to find out if it was true the Weinstein had committed acts of sexual harassment and abuse.  Weinstein was a movie producer, so his power related to accepting women in films.  Roy Moore was the District Attorney and a Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court.  His power was to put people in prison or decide whether to prosecute a potential defendant.

In a statement by the 5th accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, explained that she feared Mr. Moore and thus wouldn’t speak out.  Roy Moore also warned her that if she spoke out nobody would believe her.  Ms. Nelson did tell her husband before they married.

The specifics of Ms. Nelson’s statement are amazingly specific.  She described Moore’s car, the type of shoes he was wearing, the place he sat in the restaurant where she worked, the fact that he sat in the same place every night when he came to the restaurant where she worked, he wrote in her year book “to a sweeter more beautiful girl, Love, Roy Moore DA.”, the fact that he groped her putting his hands on her breasts, he locked the door when she tried to get out of the car, he held her tightly around the neck as he pushed her head into his crotch, the location of the car, and the bruising on her neck the next day.

Then, in an effort to avoid seeing Mr. Moore again, she called the restaurant where she worked and quit her job.

Even though Kellyanne Conway, Republicans in general, and Roy Moore in particular, have tried to suggest that the sexual abuse claims were politically motivated, Ms. Nelson explained that she was a Trump supporter.


So all the Republicans, including Trump, suggest that, …if proved…Moore should not run.  However the fact the Moore is lying has been shown.  Roy Moore said he didn’t even know his 5th accuser, even though he signed her year book !

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8 thoughts on “Proof that Moore is Lying

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  1. Thank you so much, Malia, for the telephone interview between Roy Moore and Sean Insanity. Sean was so full of himself and totally did not expect the comments by Geraldo and the other two analysts, who pointed out what a buffoon Sean is. I laughed about that all day and watched the ending of it 2 or 3 times.


  2. “Brothers In Pedofilia” Jared from Subway and Roy Moore maybe will share the same cell?

    The “Spiritual Battle” Roy Moore was preaching about today is HIS OWN. There is no opponent he is fighting, the battle is within him. This is impossible – Impossible – for an evangelical with a Savior to see. They don’t see, they have an archaic spirituality that Does Not Exist – and THAT is his invisible spiritual battle.


  3. Conway? what a fitting name for that woman and her husband. Con way. Anyway, there are many more “moores”. The me too women men and children are not through. In all walks of life, income level, and professions are bullies and predators. Sometimes it takes years to surface. Standing together will give strength to those who need to speak up and expose the “moores” of the world. Start at the top and twinkle down (;


  4. There’s a simple way to get to the truth, ask the Left Eye Brow. Much like Magic 8 Ball, We have a mystical object that answers questions, Sarah H Sanders’ left eye brow. When she lies, she subconsciously raises it. Look at her photos, how many with her Duane Johnson “Rock” imitation? So just ask SHS about Moore and watch the brow on the viewer’s right as it tries to climb into her hairline.
    The other liar, Conway, just seems to be melting into the well of a deep depression, totally blank eyes. She should be on suicide watch.

    I’ve joked about this since I first saw SHS, but it is a subconscious twitch she develops when she wants to add emphasis to a lie. It is as if she is projecting the eye to add force to her statements. It’s a method a trained liar will use, direct eye contact, projecting toward the accuser, and firmly stating the lie. When Sanders projects during a lie, her subconscious throws muscle movement to her forehead and the brow. Not a good liar.


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