John Oliver Reports on Manafort’s Shopping Spree and Roy Moore’s Poetry

6 thoughts on “John Oliver Reports on Manafort’s Shopping Spree and Roy Moore’s Poetry

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  1. Malia,
    What is this – Sarah changed her website to sarahpalinnews dot com? What was the previous one? Did this change this week? Or was there no change and I’m just sleepy? I can’t remember the other one (NOT SP channel dot com, the one she charged for that flopped).

    Pls clear this up 4me!

    And also why is it spNEWS yet it ISNT news, she didn’t write the stories, and there’s a disclaimer indicating these aren’t necessarily her opinions. This governor is a train wreck.



      I’m not imagining it – she did change it! The copyright at the bottom of her new site is the copyright from the old site. Even the descriptions of the posts are now a short sentence or two, instead of one word. Its all different!
      Its not “news” if its just opinions written to support an already-made-up mind—–Thats Propaganda!!!.

      1. She calls it news
      2. She didn’t write it.
      3. Its not necesaariliy her opinion.
      4. Her name is in the title.

      God God Governor!


      1. She’s up to something. She’s posturing and positioning herself.

        Sarahpalinnews dot com is a 3rd party opinion website.


  2. The hell with Palin. where did Manafort buy his clothes? This guy spent outrageous sums and looks like Joe Shit the Ragman. Nothing fits and he always looked like he spent the night with Bannon at a bar.

    Please tell me there are invoices with the names of the shops. These skilled tailors who see their work as art need to know what these idiot celebrities are doing to their clothes. Then the clothiers can join the bakery vs gays fight, and refuse to sell to politicians and celebrities. That said, who makes the oversized bags 45 calls clothes? Bush and Obama brought some dignity to the office. Now we have this parade of clowns, male and female, getting wardrobes from the costuming rooms of old theaters.


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