Stephen Colbert on Papadopoulos and Manafort!

3 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on Papadopoulos and Manafort!

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  1. Where did 45 get his advisory team? He sends out excuses that make him look even worse, like the fact that he hired these people knowing they were guilty of money laundering and treason. They just throw out knee jerk excuses without examining them. Check the desk in the photo. Nothing that indicates any type of research being done. No law books, business type reports, proposed legislation, or the new US Tax Code.
    Looks like the guy who comes into work and starts his day reading the newspaper. Then he heads out for a 15 minute smoke break. Gets back just in time for the 15 minute structured break at 9:45 and stretches that to 10:30.

    It’s bad enough that they purged all of the Feds who could have helped them learn how government works. They are so prejudiced toward anything Obama, they ignore all of the basics needed to keep the White House functioning. It’s as if they bought a car from IKEA and threw out the instructions, tools, and hardware because they were from Swiss people.


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