Trump’s Mother: “What Kind of Son Have I Raised”

Donald Trump described his mother, Mary, as a “a great judge of character.” Politico features an article on the mother of Donald Trump.

Politico describes Trump as a person having a “bottomless need for applause” and having a “clockwork rage when he doesn’t get it.”

Trump has often described his relationship with his father.  Little has been reported about his mother.  No doubt if Mary were alive today, she’d be embarrassed that she raised the pussy-grabber in chief.

Experts consulted for the article explained that a person’s capacity for empathy often “develops through your maternal relationship.”  Many of the array of psychologists, psychiatrists and family therapists the author spoke with for the story have a question Mary Trump actually once asked herself, at a moment when she was feeling something less than pride in her celebrity son.

Mary Trump asked Ivana Trump, her soon-to-be-ex-daughter-in-law, a pointed question. “What kind of son have I created?

Mary came from a very poor family in Scotland.  She was the 10th of 10 children, Mary Anne MacLeod was born in 1912 in the hardscrabble outskirts of Stornoway, Scotland.  Her father was a fisherman, and her family fed itself by crofting—age-old, small-plot, subsistence farming—living in a modest gray pebbledash house,  historians characterized with terms like “human wretchedness” and “indescribably filthy.”

Experts interviewed for the article explained that a solid relationship with “what we sometimes call an ordinary, devoted mother” establishes a foundation on which critical personal and emotional architecture can be built. “The capacity to trust. A sense of security versus insecurity. Knowing what’s real and what’s not real.”  “Your mother helps you identify your feelings and develop a cognitive structure so you don’t have to act on them immediately. And I think it’s fair to say that the capacity for empathy develops through your maternal relationship.”

It seems that we have found at least a possible explanation for dysfunctional personality of Donald Trump.  It doesn’t excuse his conduct, but only helps us understand how a person could become so demented.

Trump was known for his anti-social behavior even as a boy.  He threw cake at kids at parties and erasers at his teachers at his private elementary school.  Trump was shipped of to Military Academy from age of 13. His world was marked by “isolation, privation and gloom.”


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  1. Father Fred, an unforgiving, detached and forever displeased Teutonic type, was the prinary shaper of DJT (and older brother Fred who died of alcoholism).

    From his father Donnie learned greed, cutting corners and bigotry — all building blocks of the character of today’s Cretin-in-Chief. There is not one well-researched biography of DJT that is remotely flattering. No surprise given the ‘nurture’ side of the equation.

    As for mother Mary, I bet she was appropriately submissive to Fred Sr. She was crushingly Poor when he met her. He was her only way out. Scarcely a love story!


  2. There must be some public juvenile records on trump. Were the other trump boys sent to juvenile school too? Trump says that he has never had a drop of alcohol? I don’t believe him. He behaves like he has a serious alcohol and drug problem of some sort. His mental and behavioral problems are not just genetic.


  3. Couldn’t have been easy to raise a boy stuck in the Terrible Two’s. Was mom a Scottish mail order bride?

    Garf is getting to the core of the problem with the ACA lists. I’d add another along the same lines, Characteristics of a Dry Drunk. I have no idea if 45 was a drinker in his younger days. There are alcoholics who never “qualified” for AA, but carry the character defects of a dry drunk. 45 is a hot mess of mental defects. They should do an MRI to see what 45’s brain looks like.


  4. Mr. Trumpf has poop for brains. His mother was an immigrant and so was his grandfather, and the so-called president is more than the American people, as a whole, can bear. I just found, by Googling it and translating into English that the word Trumpf, the idiot’s real family name in German, stands for “…a sound made by a trumpet or a trumpet.” And since his grandfather was German, the idiot president is a blaster of meaningless words. So perhaps now we know why idiot Trumpf is always blowing it out of his rear end, and everything he says is stained brown, as it were…


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