WAR Might Be a Calculated Diversion from the Russia Investigation

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As the Russia investigation heats up, Donald Trump becomes more and more unhinged…if that’s possible.According to a Republican, Trump was “seething,”  in response to news of the indictments and guilty plea of Manafort, Gates, and  George Papadopoulos.  

It is frightening that Trump, in this outrageous state of mind, is heading to Asia for a 12 day trip.  The North Korean crisis will be a top priority, especially because the United States is “running out of time,” according to his national security adviser.

“We are in a race to solve this, short of military action,” H.R. McMaster said Oct. 19, adding that Trump “is not going to accept this regime threatening the United States with a nuclear weapon.”

“They won’t be around much longer,” Trump tweeted on Sept. 23.  That tweet came shortly after Trump warned in his U.N. General Assembly that the United States could “totally destroy North Korea.”  Trump went on to tweet that  “Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed. I won’t fail.”

It is this threatening war-mongering that suggests that the United States is sinking further into an impasse with Kim Jong Un’s regime.  Experts seem to agree that war is becoming more and more likely.

Kim Jong Un, who is more assertive than his father, has “internalized the lessons of what happened to Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi,” who were overthrown by U.S.-led interventions.  According to experts, Kim Jong Un views his nuclear weapons as a way to make sure that his fate is not that of Hussein or Gaddafi.

The administration’s demands may be making the situation more difficult, too. The demands that North Korea denuclearize and that talks begin on that condition are not helping to bring North Korea to the table.

Trump previously taunted Kim Jong Un, calling him the  “Rocket man”.  Now there is silence.  The fact that communication has come to a halt is even more ominous than the exchange of insults.

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Wars have started for lesser reasons than the big egos of leaders,” said Mackenzie Eaglen, a fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute who has worked at the Pentagonand on Capitol Hill. “It’s easier than most Americans think to stumble into war based on confusion or misinterpretation of some hostile action by one party perceived wrongly by the other.”

As Donald Trump feels less and less in control of the Russian investigation at home, it seems a real possibility that he may feel a need to demonstrate that he is in control.  Exercising the power of the US Military by engaging in a nuclear war with North Korea may be Trump’s idea of a way to divert attention from the Russia probe.  Wouldn’t it be tragic if thousands of North Korean children lost their lives as a result of Trump’s frustration that his association with Russians was finally being uncovered.

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Image result for north korean children

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5 thoughts on “WAR Might Be a Calculated Diversion from the Russia Investigation

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  1. Melania must really have to phychologically dissociate, to the tune perhaps of a psychotic break, before giving her dadhusband oral.


  2. This is certainly a fear many of us have had.

    Have you read a very recent article on Mother Jones about the Russians hacking into Trump sites several years ago and up until this week? Just scanned it and am going back to check it out.”Just keeps getting crazier and crazier.


  3. I, too, am concerned that, as the inquiry comes closer to Trump’s own door, he’ll do something really stupid and start a war somewhere. It could be North Korea, Iran or Puerto Rico. And Congress won’t do anything to rein him in even though Democrats have been calling for it.


  4. False Flag wars and events have been a regular strategy for the United States for a long time. That said, I don’t think 45 & Co. has the intelligence and skills to pull it off. They would be challenged setting a mouse trap. The whole place seems like a White House version of “Dumb and Dumber.”


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