It is Now “Commonly Agreed” that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Had a Relationship

Mike Pence feels it is inappropriate for a man to have dinner with a woman other than his wife.The obvious concern is that he might be unable to resist the dazzling sexual appeal of another woman.

Donald Trump had pizza with Sarah Palin, and neither Todd or Melania was invited.


They had dinner again at the White House without either spouse sharing the meal.  You remember  that was the meal where Palin appeared in her new line of tableshirts.

Image result for palin tableshirt

Then there were other public meetings where Trump was seen hugging and kissing Grandma Palin.

Image result for palin endorse trump

Based on these public meetings someone could say that it was “commonly agreed” that Trump and Palin were having an affair.

That would be wrong.  There MIGHT have been an illicit relationship but it wouldn’t be “commonly agreed” and it would be rank speculation.  The same would be true about Trump’s collusion with Russia.  Right now it would be speculation to say that Trump colluded with Russia.  If we knew that to be true, or untrue, there would be no need for Robert Mueller to spend months investigating whether there was collusion.  It certainly would not be “commonly agreed” that Trump didn’t collude with Russia.  However that’s exactly what Trump said in a recent Tweet. 


So, for the record, it is NOT commonly agreed that Trump had no relationship with Russia, and it is NOT commonly agreed that Sarah Palin has or had a relationship with Donald Trump.

4 thoughts on “It is Now “Commonly Agreed” that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Had a Relationship

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  1. Noooooo! That’s all we need is another wild ride and a Trumpalin in the White House. Palin creates offspring out of thin air, thinks she’s like Jesus’ mother.


  2. Yuk. I pity anyone who might have had a “relationship” with either of them.

    I recall back several years when you and other bloggers were doing your darned best to warn people about Palin. I also recall people being warned about Trump. Not enough listened.

    I truly blame Palin for setting the groundwork that enabled this travesty we are now dealing with.

    But – along that same line many of us knew in our hearts Palin was digging her own grave. Eventually she would create her own demise. This is what we are seeing with Trump. People who support him are finally beginning to see the fragile and inept person they have put n power. He will crash and burn. No sorrow there.

    Beyond that – hope you are well and family doing good. Take care and keep up your good work.


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