Sarah Palin Gets Her Facts Wrong Again!



3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Gets Her Facts Wrong Again!

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  1. This is like Trump’s nuanced declaration of a “public health” opioid crisis (Public Service Health Act vs. Stafford Act), which only provides thousands, instead of the billions a “national emergency” would dedicate to fight the epidemic. Palin’s misrepresentation is typical of the accomplishments she and 45 find in their colonoscopies. That is they pull this stuff out of their colons.

    On a similar topic, find The Late Show’s spoof of Trump called “Others Things” It mixes clips from “Stranger Things” with 45’s constant use of the phrase ‘other things.”


  2. It was reported somewhere that of the 300 or so groups investigated, over 70% of them had dabbled in politics far beyond their tax exempt status allowed. Yet not a one of them was prosecuted. Wingnuts have been shielding these groups from prosecution and they reduced IRS budget a number of times while Obama was Potus. They claimed Obama used it to harrass wingnuts.


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