Donald Trump and Bob Corker: the Next Jerry Springer Guests

Jerry Springer has a reputation as having the most outrageous guests on his show.  “Shock” is the feeling his audiences often feel as they watch the people appearing as his guests.

With Donald Trump as President, we often feel that we are watching a Jerry Springer episode.

Trump and Corker have traded insults in the past.  However the recent remarks signal further deterioration in their relationship.

The latest attacks between Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and Trump could be the next episode in the Jerry Springer series.  Corker unleashed a blistering attack on US President Donald Trump.  Mr Corker accused the president of lying in a series of television interviews, adding that he debased the US and weakened its global standing.

Image result for bob corker trump

Mr Trump fired back on Twitter, calling the top Senator a “lightweight” who “couldn’t get re-elected”.

The two are scheduled to have lunch later today.  Trump was probably planning on his usual fare.

However Corker may have a surprise for him.

Image result for trump eating crow



8 thoughts on “Donald Trump and Bob Corker: the Next Jerry Springer Guests

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    1. Can Child Services be sent to the white house to get Barron? Such a dysfunctional family.



  1. Watch for Flake to be the first surprise guest, and the John McCain will come out and chase Trump off the stage.

    Interesting how freedom from campaigning and serious illness are giving the Republicans a new voice. Too bad we are seeing these leadership qualities just as they are leaving office.


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