Donald Trump: The Eraser

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When a four year old child gets caught doing something he/she knows not to do, a common response for a child is to lie or pretend that the bad deed never happened.

It seems our President never learned the importance of admitting a mistake and taking responsibility for the act.  If he can pretend that something never happened, it seems that is even better.

As President of the United States, Trump seems to eliminate any reference to things he wants to   pretend never happened.  Here are just a few examples:

  1.  Trump endorsed and campaigned for Sen. Luther Strange in Alabama.  When he was defeated in a Republican primary runoff for Alabama’s available Senate seat, Trump deleted several tweets in which he expressed support for the man he called (but did not name) “Big Luther.”
  2. Trump made a comment to the widow of a soldier that “he knew what he was getting into.” Trump later denied having made the comment.
  3. After reaching an agreement on DACA, Trump denied that an agreement had been reached.
  4. The Washington Post lists 9 specific examples of something Trump denied,and later had to admit to.

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In an effort to pretend that problems are not problems, the Trump administration has removed reports that it doesn’t want to deal with from the White House website.

They removed a 2014 report on sexual violence.  Alexandra Brodsky, a civil rights attorney and co-founder of anti-sexual violence organization KnowYourIXnoticed Wednesday morning that the “Rape And Sexual Assault: Renewed Call To Action” report had been taken down. The report can still be accessed on the Obama administration’s archived website.

The report, which can also be found on KnowYourIX’s website, was created under the Obama administration by the 2014 White House Council on Women and Girls in partnership with then-Vice President Joe Biden. The findings of the report consist mainly of nonpartisan facts about sexual violence including sexual assault statistics and different ways the criminal justice system and college campuses can improve in combatting sexual and gender violence. View image on Twitter

The Trump administration obviously doesn’t want the public to have certain information?”

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Eraser

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  1. We got a compulsive liar with a very limited vocabulary who does not learn or study the details of issues, so basically a pre school kid with minimal parenting. In addition he hired a staff of professional liars as his spokespersons. Who knew that an In Living Color skit would become reality.


  2. Trump is totally bereft of morality. It is disturbing on so many levels. It’s freakish. We all know there are sociopaths and psychopaths, but Trump is in a category all his own.The volume of lies that come out of him is staggering. And look at all the sycophantic liars he surrounds himself with. So much damage is being done that will persist for a long time. The powermongers want to return to the Gilded Age and a Jim Crow world(at the very least). It’s very distressing.


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