Bush, Obama, and General Kelly Speak Out Re Being an American

Three different people spoke out yesterday to address the turmoil in America today.  The name “Donald Trump” was not mentioned, but it was clear that they were addressing the dysfunction in America that has been caused and/or exacerbated by Donald Trump.



3 thoughts on “Bush, Obama, and General Kelly Speak Out Re Being an American

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  1. Malia – Donald J. Trump, the moron in chief and distractor in charge, started this whole fiasco. He could have put a lid on it as soon as the reporter asked him a question. Instead, he opened a can of worms by lying and exaggerating by comparing what he has done to past presidents. He couldn’t even get that right so he sent is COS Kelly out to smooth the waters. Kelly said Obama didn’t call his family when his son Robert was killed, then he said it wasn’t a criticism, and then he said he didn’t “believe” Obama called. Obama either called or he didn’t. There shouldn’t be any guessing Kelly droned on and on and then finally got to the part where insulted and lied about Senator Frederica Wilson. While this whole distraction was going on, the Senate passed, by a 51 to 49 vote, a budget blueprint last night!


  2. MR. Kelly and Sanders sold their souls for whatever under the table wages Trump is paying them. Thankfully, the due to a resurrected analytical media, they are getting exposed for their lies and illogical comments. Sanders comment on questioning a four star exposes the depths of depravity as an honorable warrior becomes a lying shill for a draft dodger.

    (Disclaimer: I was not a draft dodger. I did get student deferments and was #88 in the draft lottery and went to enlist when I graduated. Selective Service sent me to a heart specialist who told me I was dying. Instead of two years on a ship, I worked as a civilian at DoD for 32 years.)


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