Trump’s Three Step Process to Respond to Adverse Publicity

Whenever Donald Trump is confronted with anything that he perceives to be adverse he has a standard response, even if it not true, and even if it makes no sense.  His first reaction is to deny the allegation:

Image result for trump deny

His second response is to attack a person involved in the matter.

The third step is to claim “Fake News.”
Image result for trump fake news
Trump has done exactly that regarding the Russian investigation.
First he claimed that he had NO connection or ties to Russia.  He totally denied any involvement.
When it became clear that Trump did have various connections to Russia, he attacked people associated with the investigation including FBI Director James Comey.
 It seems that the Russian investigation is not going away.     The recent focus on the dossier put together by an agent in the United Kingdom has become the focus of media coverage and the Mueller investigation.  Initially Trump, through his attorney, denied the allegations of the dossier.  Then Trump attacked the spy who created the report, and the CIA who he claimed were behind the “leaked” information.   Finally Trump attacked the report as “fake news”.  Trump has gone so far as to claim that Russia, the FBI, and the Democrats colluded to


 The President Donald Trump sent this tweet on Thursday morning:

“Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?”

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Three Step Process to Respond to Adverse Publicity

Add yours

  1. Four: Arms across the chest with pouty face when he’s called out with cameras in front of him. Have you seen this, Malia? OMG like a busted little child, “Did Not! Did Not! Did Not!”


  2. I’m running out of adjectives to describe not only Drumpf but the whole GOTP that enables him instead of impeaching him.

    My oft-used descriptions currently are despicable, venal and grifter. Trump is beyond redemption, but he is afloat because of the blatant greed of his Party.

    Imagine if Obama had done 1/10 of what DJT has pulled off or said! He’d have been impeached in a heartbeat, but corrupt Republicans ignore Drumpf’s many flaws, including his compulsive lying. Sickening. Sad.


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