Trump’s Dishonors the Memory of the Black Soldier, After “Fool Proof Plan” Fails!

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These are the four  U.S. servicemen who were killed when they were ambushed by Islamic extremists in West Africa.  ISIS is believed to be responsible for the attack.  These soldiers were leaving a meeting with tribal leaders when they were attacked. They were all Green Berets stationed in Niger as part of a deployment of 800 US troops to combat Isis-affiliated terror cells in the region. The men were killed after their group of a dozen US soldiers was ambushed while conducting a joint patrol with about 40 Nigerian soldiers.

When the first of the coffins from Niger landed at Dover Air Force Base, Trump was at one of his prized golf clubs playing golf with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

At the outset, let’s remember that Donald Trump said that he had a “fool proof plan” to defeat ISIS.  He said he would allow his generals 30 days to present a plan to defeat ISIS.  Now, over 240 days since he was inaugurated, there are still Americans being killed by ISIS.  Obviously the plan wasn’t fool proof because Trump is still President, he is still a fool, and ISIS is still killing American soldiers.

Worse yet, Trump’s approach to dealing with the ISIS is on track to cause double the civilian casualties that occurred during the command under Obama.  Estimates are that the American lead coalition killed over 2,200 civilians in ISIS-held territory in Iraq and Syria between Trump’s inauguration on January 20 and July 13. That represented more than 360 civilian deaths a month and at least 12 every day since Trump entered the White House.  According to the coalition’s figures, its strikes have killed 603 civilians in total since the beginning of the airstrike campaign against ISIS in 2014. Forty percent of those are estimated to have come after Trump’s inauguration.  Perhaps the reason for Trump’s failure to timely send condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers was because he didn’t want to bring focus on his failure to defeat ISIS.

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Trump originally drew criticism for his failure to respond to the deaths of these soldiers for 12 days.   Trump, the President who tweets about everything, waited for almost two weeks to even acknowledge the loss.  It was a news conference in the in the Rose Garden where he was asked by a reporter to explain his uncharacteristic silence.  So it appears he wasn’t even planning to respond, but was forced to acknowledge the deaths as a result of the reporters question.  Initially ‘Trump tried to deflect the question by saying that he had already WRITTEN LETTERS to the families of the fallen soldiers.  But he admitted they had not yet been mailed.

Trump then tried to defend his claim by suggesting that he had already done more than past Presidents.  “The commander in chief told a totally irresponsible and disgusting lie in the Rose Garden today, claiming past presidents did not call the families of fallen servicemembers,” said a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, Brian Gabriel. “Trump’s jaw-dropping, disrespectful lie is not based anywhere in reality and is another symptom of a deep-seated obsession with tearing down President Obama.”

Of the four soldiers killed only one,  Sgt. La David Johnson, 25, was Black.  His remains were not recovered until two days afterward.

Sgt. Johnson left behind a young pregnant wife and two children.  It was the phone call to Mrs. JOhnson, and Trump’s defense that followed, is perhaps the single greatest example of the reason Donald Trump should be removed from office.

Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Florida congresswoman who was with Mrs. Johnson when she received the phone call from Trump.  She  told NBC Miami that she heard the president’s comment to Sgt. La David T. Johnson’s widow, Myeshia, on a speakerphone as they traveled together to meet his body on Tuesday.  She heard Trump say that Sgt. Johnson:

must’ve known what he signed up for.”

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“Everyone knows when you go to war you could possibly not come back alive but you don’t remind a grieving widow of that,” Wilson said. “That’s so insensitive.”

Trump “didn’t even remember his name,” Wilson recalled Myeshia Johnson telling her after the call ended, the congresswoman told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday.

“She hung up the phone and said, ‘He didn’t even remember his name,'” Wilson said. “That’s the hurting part.”

In his usual way Trump tried to deflect the criticism with a Tweet:

“Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!”

Moments later, Wilson, talking to CNN’s “New Day,” said she also had evidence to support her account of the call.

“I’m not the only person that was in the car, and I have proof too, this man is a sick man,” she said. “I have no reason to lie on the president of the United States with a dead soldier in my community.”

The White House has not responded to ABC News’ request for clarification on Trump’s “proof.”

Image: Army Sergeant La David T. Johnson
Army Sergeant La David T. JohnsonDept of Defense

Johnson has received awards and decorations including the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Army Parachutist Badge, the Army Air Assault Badge, the Driver and Mechanic Badge, and the Marksmanship Qualification Badge — Sharpshooter with Rifle.

Former Obama administration officials, including former Attorney General Eric Holder, disputed Trump’s claim.

Trump then tried to single out General Kelly’s family as a gold star family who Obama never spoke to about the loss.  But in fact at a breakfast for Gold Star families at the White House on May 30, 2011, Kelly and his wife attended the private event and were seated at first lady Michelle Obama’s table.

Alyssa Mastromonaco, Obama’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, expressed her outrage at the remarks of Trump.  “That’s a fucking lie,” … “to say president obama (or past presidents) didn’t call the family members of soldiers KIA – he’s a deranged animal”.

In fact Obama had a long history of reaching out to families of fallen soldiers.  Before he decided to deploy 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, Mr. Obama traveled to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to greet the coffins of troops.  Obama was also known to take walks through Section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery, where the dead from Iraq and Afghanistan were buried.  He paid visits to the wounded at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

In August 2011, after a Chinook military helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan, killing 38 people, including 25 Special Operations forces, Mr. Obama consoled the families of all those killed.

For Trump to initially give no comment  in response to the allegations of such an abominable remark, and then to suggest by tweet that he has proof that he didn’t say that, and then refuse to provide proof to the media is a scenario we have seen before.  When Trump lies, and gets caught, he never apologizes, never acknowledges his error, never admits his mistake.  For the President of the United States to make such a reprehensible remark to the wife of a fallen soldier is unforgivable.  This was not about politics.  Mrs. Johnson never said anything about Trump.

Sgt. Johnson paid the ultimate price in service to America.

Mrs. Johnson has paid the ultimate price for the election of Donald Trump as our President.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Dishonors the Memory of the Black Soldier, After “Fool Proof Plan” Fails!

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  1. It’s time to start placing blame on the whole support system. Before #45, we had protocol in place to honor those who served and paid the ultimate price. It is obvious that the Trump team has removed most of the structure and professional courtesies of the Oval Office. The GOP has had plenty of time to see the carnage. So, this classless moronic interaction with suffering people now falls on the GOP.

    What we have is the GOP Senators and Congresspersons sending the stoner mail room kid to pass on their condolences and sympathy to suffering Americans. Pete Davidson’s Chad is spot on for the cluelessness of Trump and the GOP.

    (disclaimer: I’m retired DoD. We had employees who served as honor guard volunteers all around the country to pay tribute whenever a fallen soldier returned and/or was laid tom rest.)


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