Mitt Romney Warned America of the Dangers of Donald Trump

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Warned America of the Dangers of Donald Trump

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  1. Yes and Mitt should come back and explain more about Donald Trump. And Ann can add in the 45% comment. How does Mitt know about Donald? Were they friends? Business partners? Did Don con money out of Mitt too?

    There is nothing wrong with the blessings of wealth. Some folks are plain lucky, others worked hard, some born into money, some steal it. America is full of wealth and this is good. But most are not wealthy. Money does not make a person. In this case money made a monster, Donald john trump.


  2. Off topic but probably ties into this toxic mess of lies and deceit today. The Uranium one “deal”. 07? The sneaky Russians bought into a canadian corporation that had mining rights in America, Yikes! Back in 07? Mccain/palin. Obama or Clinton? presidential election? hmmm? palin? hmm? Now where are those mining rights located in America that gives putin rights to our soil? It maybe time to sweep the country of foreign ownership instead of worrying about taco trucks that our friends and family own.
    Trump being a useful idiot dotard would be the perfect president to move the country forward into a swamp of liars and mobs. Gee Whiz cant wait to read the history books in near future.


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