OOPS! Sarah Palin Forgot to Mention John McCain’s Memorable Speech

In the last 24 hours Sarah Palin has posted 21 stories on her Facebook.  It appears she is going rogue again and doing her maverick thing regarding the ultimate maverick, John McCain.  It was John McCain who propelled Sarah into the spotlight.  Without John McCain Sarah would never have made the millions she has made.

The Liberty Medal was awarded by the National Constitution Center to JOhn McCain.  It is an annual award to recognize leadership in the pursuit of freedom.  Past recipients include Sandra Day O’Connor, Robert Gates, Tony Blair, Steven Spielberg, George H. W. Bush, Colin Powell, Nelson Mandela, and Thurgood Marshall.

Even if Sarah didn’t like his speech, she should have acknowledged his receipt of the award that represents a life-time of achievement.  Instead Sarah remained silent.  Sarah is not known for remaining silent about anything.


4 thoughts on “OOPS! Sarah Palin Forgot to Mention John McCain’s Memorable Speech

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  1. Hi Malia –

    Just checking in. My new computer should be here tomorrow – maybe Thursday. Jeez. In this day and age – what company could deprive a grandma of her connection to the world!!

    Yeah – Palin – right. We are still dealing with her crap. I posted a note somewhere today about how McCain still owes us one for saddling this entire country with her hate – which has grown to astronomical proportions. Sorry for the physical problems McCain is dealing with right now – but guess what – he has an opportunity to clean up some of that s–t.

    Pat Padrnos


  2. She also forgot to tell her fans to refresh their browsers to alert them she’s not a governor. Mind you, those very same sites they are on are the ones calling her governor in the first place, so refreshing probably won’t jar them out of their trance.
    My comment must obviously then be “fake news” (tribal propaganda). Can’t argue with archaic ignorance (the source of which is their ‘belief’ in a Savior. Will they ever be disappointed!).


  3. Sara was handed opportunity in lack of education or experience. We have witnessed her and her family. She is not thankful, grateful nor respectful.


  4. I’m still waiting for her to make a comment on the Harvey Weinstein debacle. Yeah, RIGHT, she of the “boys will be boys” mentality. Makes you wonder just how she got as far as she did, dumb as a post that she is.


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