John Oliver on Equifax Breach

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  1. Don’t get me started…… These people are a hot mess. They take forever to remove invalid negative claims, have poor system security, and do not measure your true ability to finance a loan. They are also defendants in class action lawsuits for failing to provide accurate credit ratings.
    Equifax only measures your history of making payments, not financial solvency. If you pay cash, use no credit cards, and/or have significant savings or investments, Equifax rates you “poor” because they only measure your history of making credit payments on time. Banks, vehicle dealers, and credit card companies use Equifax and the other two agencies so they don’t have to invest in a team to review a person’s financial background. With the FICO score it became a one minute process to eliminate applicants.

    John Oliver was spot on, skewing Equifax.

    (disclaimer: I am involved in a class action suit against Equifax, people who were denied employment, credit, and paid higher rates due to erroneous items on their Equifax report.)


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