Donald Trump Decertifies the Iran Deal Today

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Decertifies the Iran Deal Today

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  1. We will become extinct after trump eradicates the planet with our military. And the Republicans will know, as all of life takes its last breath, that having allowed their earth-leader to “save” them by killing everyone, was the right thing, as they have a salvation-bases god to Write Off everything!! Holy F###!!!!???


    1. America, this great country, this great experiment – founded on religious oppression – is allowing those with religious ignorance (vis-a-vis Separate Salvation-based god, AKA evangelicals) to kill the entire America Organism and its’ Earth Home. So so so so blindingly sad. Make no mistake – Evangelical ignorance WILL kill us, EXACTLY as that VERY SAME ignorance killed Jesus Of Nazareth, whose death was a direct metaphor and example for people to Wake Up – to ‘rise from the dead’ – the “dead” being the Very Same Ignorance that killed him!!!! Evangelicals didn’t take the hint, they instead became a pack of blinded gradeschool downtrodden undeveloped fundamentalists with a fictional imaginary 3rd-person Savior.
      Their self-replicating ignorance is unsustainable within the truth of evolution. And it is the fuel behind the megalomaniac at our helm who is systemically intoxicated on absolute power and its’ insurance policy of pride.

      Congress Must Act!!!!


      1. Sadly, none of this matters to evangelicals nor the recipients of their support, they are mind-blind to Salvation at the “whole-body-cellular” level. Biography becomes biology. Only waking up will help. And they DO NOT know, nor ‘feel’, nor believe that they are asleep. They’re saved – there’s no discussion to be had.


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