NY Daily News Reports Trump is “Impotent”

Bristol and Sarah Palin have made careers out of criticizing men who are “impotent.”

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Today the New York Daily news uses the word “impotent” TWICE IN THE SAME ARTICLE describing Trump’s inability to govern.

“…Trump is isolated, impotent and has an overblown sense of grievance. ”

“If current patterns hold true … Trump will continue to be isolated and impotent.”

Nobody could be more critical than I about Donald Trump.  However there are so many reasons for criticism, but none relate to his sexual prowess. The Thesaurus has over 25 synonyms for  “impotent” so we can assume the use of the word was not accidental.  No wonder the country is in crisis when reporters rely on sex to criticize the President.  There are probably many examples of the reason he should be criticized for his attitudes about sex, but none of those were mentioned in that article.  They forgot about:

  1. Rape of his ex-wife.
  2. The woman who accused Trump of rape of a 13 year old.
  3. The 16 women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

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8 thoughts on “NY Daily News Reports Trump is “Impotent”

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  1. Impotence is written into our Constitution – guns as a source of external power. This alleviates any inward journey into the nature of the self. And we certainly are habituated to false power. The Orient doesn’t have this problem of impotence, by no accident, nor our gun problem. And its all under the umbrella of a millenias-long misinterpretation of a salvation-based mythic Jesus, forever ensuring impotence. The impotence of Trump, and all others who protect that tribe at all costs – until the spaceship literally lands in their kitchen – isn’t going anywhere soon.

    In ignorance, “evolution occurs one funeral at a time!!”


  2. It is STUNNING to watch or hear women defend this pathetic IMPOTENT excuse of man as prez. Mostly white women sugar coat everything trump does or says on MSNBC FOX and CNN. But even the AA reporters are easy on the WS. Its STUNNING to watch every dam day! Joy is one of the few AA who will not sugarcoat trump! For a woman to find something admirable or worse, promising in trump says volumes about her judgment. She has none. Or is weak minded and ignorant. To admire someone who LIES so blatantly who obviously ABUSED and RAPED ALL HIS EX WIVES and MISTRESSES, obviously RAPED 13 YR OLD GIRLS, obviously a PERVERT who grabs women’s pussies at random, don’t be surprised now if RAPE or ABUSE cross you/your daughters path because YOU CONDONE your WS RAPIST TRUMP! YOU RW WOMEN are saying to TRUMP & REPUBLICVANS and their WS RAPISTs that it’s ok to rape me, rape my daughter, rape my mother, rape my friend in college! YOU ARE MAGA! So let them rape us??? Its all okay because according to YOU trump shows strength because he speaks his mind. WTF? He speaks out of his ass!

    Just remember this RW Women YOU have NO RIGHTS NO CASE WHEN YOU GET RAPED! The likelihood is higher now with trump in office a known rapist & predator! REPUBS just gave a rapist VISITATION RIGHTS!! Imagine RWwomen YOU GET BEATEN TO NEAR DEATH & GET RAPED! REPUBS say you HAVE to give that RAPIST VISITIONG RIGHTS! You HAVE TO GIVE the SOB who brutally RAPED YOU and almost KILLED YOU –VISITATION RIGHTS? Are you RW women really THAT incredibly STUPID for republicans and trump? Really? And you call yourselves the SUPREME RACE while YOU sit there on 5th Avenue waiting for trumps BULLET or for GOP’s WS to RAPE you? Remember 1 thing RW women. YOU ARE NOTHING to REPUBLICANS or TRUMP but a piece of RED MEAT!


  3. That is a proper term. The guy is all talk, firm, ready for action on Twitter. Once he’s face too face or threatened with actual physical interaction, he goes limp and hides. This guy is like a dating site troll who is afraid of actually interacting in person. He’s a limp dick when it comes time to interact, unless it’s with submissive women with bladder issues.


  4. There are gentlemen and there are “heathens”, We all know at least one. To allow treason and espionage? place a heathen liar rapist cheater male lousy actor forced into our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is criminal. This person does not represent the United States of America nor its population, He does not represent “Men” fathers, brothers, uncles or our sons. He does not represent business. He is a 71 yr old product and unmarketable. He should do one honorable thing for America. Resign Today.


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