Trump Dedicates a Golf Trophy to the Victims of Maria! Outrageous! Insulting!

It wouldn’t be the first time that Donald Trump would mock somebody less fortunate than himself.  Trump poked fun at the people of “Puerto-Ri-co” even though they were the victims of one of the worst hurricanes in the history of the Caribbean. He is such a heartless, vile excuse for a human that he dedicated a golf trophy to the people of Puerto Rico.

As people in Puerto Rico are struggling to find clean drinking water, Trump is playing golf, and pretending to care by “dedicating” a trophy, that represented success in one of the most pretentious sports, in one of the most aristocratic clubs in America, that had nothing to do with the tragedy of the victims.  The people playing golf that day were impervious to the pleas of the people dying in Puerto Rico.  Shame on you Mr. Trump!

7 thoughts on “Trump Dedicates a Golf Trophy to the Victims of Maria! Outrageous! Insulting!

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  1. It is obvious he possess not an iota of empathy. It simply isn’t part of his psyche. I believe that is a deeply disturbing realization for millions and I believe that realization causes widespread angst. I know my general level of anxiety has risen since his election and has never subsided. And I thought I was worried when profoundly ignorant hate mongering Palin was trying to force her way through the door. At this point, that pales in comparison..


  2. This guy is the most clueless person in the country. He has no sense of empathy, no power to feel sad for victims.

    Add one more factor, Trump and his family grew up hating Puerto Ricans for invading New York city. Keith Olbermann has a great video on it.


    1. aj,
      It is astonishing to me that somebody from his administration didn’t convince him to abandon this idea! What an offensive and outrageous way to “honor” the victims of the hurricane!


  3. Hi Malia –
    Using my grandson’s computer as mine is out for repairs. Tired of waiting – just may buy a new one.
    Hope you are well.
    Always enjoy reading comments from your other readers.
    Well – as I have said before – I think it can not get any worse – and yet each day it does. This insane man is wearing us down to a very sad level.

    In any event – best wishes.

    Pat Padrnos


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