Shame on You Sarah Palin for Politicizing the Vegas Shooting!

From the moment the American public was forced to hear and watch Sarah Palin in 2008, it was clear that she was anxious to brand herself as a champion of gun rights.


She proudly advertised the location of her baby shower at a shooting range.  Levi has said she doesn’t know how to shoot.  Her hunting segment on Sarah Palin’s Alaska certainly reinforced that notion.

Sarah seems to be oblivious to the fact that the majority of Americans want smarter gun control. The majority of Americans don’t want to be killed at the movies, or at a concert, or during first-grade story hour.  Even after the shooting in Washington, D.C., while members of Congress were playing baseball,  Congress is moving forward on a measure that would make silencers more easily available, and make it more difficult for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to consider some types of ammunition armor-piercing. In Lansing is a bill that would eliminate training currently required to obtain a concealed-carry permit, and another that would allow gun owners to carry weapons in places like schools and churches that have declared themselves gun-free zones.

Sarah Palin has taken to Facebook to let her feelings about the Las Vegas massacre known.  Her post reads:

“Silent indeed.

Uh Oh:   Look what we just discovered about the location of the Las Vegas Concert Massacre…Liberals Silent.  Yikes

Almost 60 people were killed in the Las Vegas massacre.  Over 500 were injured.  Sarah Palin has used her platform to advertise the fact that the shooting occurred in a “gun free” zone.


For God’s sake!!!!  Anyone who would shoot over 500 innocent people is obviously not a person that cares about the law and surely doesn’t have any religious orientation.  The fact that he would intentionally shoot innocent people attending a concert is all the evidence anyone would need to realize that this shooter, and all mass shooters, ignore the law and are unafraid of the consequences of their violation of the law.  To remark that this was a gun-free zone simply emphasizes the point that you can’t control crazy people so the best way to prevent a mass shooting is to eliminate the availability of a weapon that could kill so many people so quickly.  People will still shoot people.  People will still take guns into gun free zones, but they aren’t able to kill so many people so quickly!

Some people like Palin don’t realize just how outrageous the gun lobby has become. For example one commentator said:

And believe me, as impractical as it may sound, if 5 or 10 or 20 armed and competent people had been steadily shooting towards the hotel windows (even in the general direction), the shooter would have gotten the message and taken cover. No doubt — he was a coward, don’t you get it? That’s why he chose a gun-free zone! There were plenty of brave people there who would have shot back.”

Las Vegas has some of the most permissive gun laws in America.  Gun owners in Nevada don’t need a permit to buy or possess a rifle, shotgun or handgun, according to the National Rifle Association. They can carry a firearm openly in public. Nevadans can even purchase machine guns or silencers, banned in other states, as long as they’re legally registered and within federal compliance. The state does not prohibit possession of assault weapons, 50-caliber rifles or large-capacity ammunition magazines, according to the NRA.

Under federal law, machine guns — considered automatic weapons — are tightly regulated but legal to own as long as they were made before May 1986 and are registered with the federal government.

About 391,000 machine guns were listed in the national firearms registry as of November 2006, according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which advocates stricter gun laws. That same year, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seized 1,280 unregistered machine guns.

Police say the gunman in the Las Vegas Strip shooting had 23 firearms in his hotel room and an additional 19 at one of his two homes.

The official, who has been briefed on the matter but is not authorized to comment publicly, said  police also found two tripods positioned at the hotel windows in what appeared to be a fully-equipped sniper’s nest to take better aim at the crowd below.

Hundreds of rounds of ammunition were among the suspect’s possessions, a cache that could have sustained him in a much longer assault, the official said.

 Shame on you Sarah Palin for politicizing the shooting in Las Vegas.  Shame on you for promoting gun violence.  Shame on you for having your own son threaten himself and the mother of his second child with an assault weapon.  You of all people should be aware of the threat to life associated with guns.

7 thoughts on “Shame on You Sarah Palin for Politicizing the Vegas Shooting!

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  1. “And believe me, as impractical as it may sound, if 5 or 10 or 20 armed and competent people had been steadily shooting towards the hotel windows (even in the general direction), the shooter would have gotten the message and taken cover. No doubt — he was a coward, don’t you get it? That’s why he chose a gun-free zone! There were plenty of brave people there who would have shot back.”

    Wow. Guess this person never heard of the law of gravity. Those bullets the people on the ground were shooting at a 32nd floor window would never have reached it, but could have had devastating effect on the people below on the downhill trajectory.


    1. Trish, one correction, most modern firearms could easily reach the 32nd floor window. But, as you point out, gravity kills. Misses and deflected bullets would rain down on the crowd.

      As far as the “gun free” rule, there are no open air gun free zones. We have guns that are lethal from a mile away. So Palin has her head up her ass, as usual, trying to create cookies out of turds.


  2. Snookie is full of more shit than a holiday turkey. The concert was over 400 freaking yards from the resort. Even in expert hands you can’t get much accuracy at over a hundred yards with the best hand guns.The best the civilians could have done is kill and injure people in the resort or on the street in front making the situation more confused.

    A band member from a previous show said he and some band mates had handguns on their bus but were afraid to get them because they thought the police would shoot them by mistake. None of the bullshit spouted by stoopid Snookie or the NRA makes practical sense. We saw in Houston with a street full of rifle carrying clowns, when the shooter started shooting cops the militia hit the deck and ran for cover because no one knew where the shots were coming from.

    I wish these over testosteroned morons would STFU. They ain’t helping and are likely making it worse.


  3. Malia – The Wasilla loon is a joke! She is beside herself with glee and what a better opportunity than a mass shooting to politicize gun control and the 2nd Amendment. She loves it! She loves toting her guns and posing for photo ops with guns! She used guns as props before she used Trig as a prop. Remember what happened to Sarah last year when she showed up with a black eye from rock running? It was a SCOPE EYE injury from not wearing eye protection while shooting from a prone position. Remember when all of the Palin women went out into the woods and practiced shooting guns and got a certificate claiming they passed a gun safety course? It would have been believable if all of them hadn’t been wearing Gucci, Jimmy Choo, or Christian Louboutin shoes!


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