Unforgivable Behavior, Even for Donald Trump!

Image result for puerto rico maria
Image result for puerto rico maria

Image result for puerto rico maria

Image result for puerto rico maria

Instead of sending aid, Trump sends insults.

Trump’s remarks are “unspeakable.”

Trump’s remarks on Twitter 18 posts in less than 12 hours were “negative, defensive, and dark,” like Trump himself.



10 thoughts on “Unforgivable Behavior, Even for Donald Trump!

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  1. Looks like the little shit stain has a little shit stain on his golfing pants. Drumpf sez the military is doing great. The pentagon begs to differ and the commander on the ground begs to differ with the little shit stain.


  2. maybe that’s why he doesn’t want the press around him on the course??? Eye bleach, stat. Alternatively, praise for the photoshopper.


  3. Malia – Trump is so inept he probably had to be told that the people in Puerto Rico are US citizens. I was appalled when this guy asked the Russians for help in finding Hillary’s missing emails. I was appalled at the Billy Bush tape. I was appalled when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still get elected. I was appalled when he made fun of a handicapped reporter. Those are just a few of the appalling things he has said and done. But, nothing prepared me for, or appalled me more than his 18 hateful, vile, mean, and despicable tweets about Puerto Rico and its citizens! The people of Puerto Rico are going through so much and Trump said things that no one should ever say about people who are suffering. The man doesn’t have one ounce of sympathy for anyone nor does Trump understand what it means to live a day without food, water, clean clothes, a bed to sleep in, or a roof over his head. When are the Republicans in Congress going rise up and say enough is enough? This man needs to resign.


  4. I feel like it has been a long 50yrs of a political foolball game at the expense of everyday hard working Americans. As a boomer I always thought that we would get it right in our lifetime. To a point we have. Solar wind sun energy. Organic farming. Awareness in social issues. Healthcare research outcomes. Electronics.

    But we did not remove the toxic sour guts from our culture. We did not balance the history of good and bad, or use the DNA for heritage and health. While we slept for many years and moons the enemy plotted and planned. They went to the grove And the evil villains high in the tower overlooked the who in whoville begging for good food and clean water, Some villians laughed, some shot guns, some smirked, some fled, some poisoned the well, air and soil.

    Domestic Terrorist have distracted the usa from electing a president, enforcing our laws, rules, regulations. Our Constitution is under the microscope, Our flag is disrespected, our rights trampled. Our health in danger. Our children in danger.

    Certain organizations, corporations, agencies have paved the way for the America we see today. Certain countries cheer it on. Certain individuals have helped, aided, enabled and they committed the unthinkable to achieve this outcome today,

    And the tip of the zit? In his own tower, that villain, dotard drumpf


  5. We got a true look at the “tough guy” when he encountered the San Juan mayor face to face. Chicken shit Trump couldn’t get out of there fast enough. During the round table meeting, he did not let the Mayor speak. Trump is brave, only when Tweeting from the comforts of his commode.


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