Make Donald Trump King!

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It was Jimmy Kimmel who first had the idea of making Trump King of America.  Trump would love the title and living in a castle.  He could talk about anything, and everything, but his words would have no effect.  If he was a bigot,a  misogynist, demented, etc. it wouldn’t really matter.

The solution to the problems that plague this presidency could be solved by making Trump the first King of America.  Consider the bizarre things that President Trump has done that result in sleepless nights for most Americans.  If he were King, they’d just be material for late night comedians.
1.  Remember when James Comey tried to blend into the drapes?Friend: James Comey tried to avoid Trump
2.  Remember when Sean Spicer tried to blend into the bushes?
Image result for spicer bushes
3.  Remember when Reince Priebus was fired, and left on the tarmac after a ride on Air Force One?View image on Twitter
 4.  Did you remember how many times Jared Kushner and Ivanka were on vacation when the  President starts lighting fires. Is it a coincidence? Are they keeping a lid on Oval Office shenanigans — only to see it pop off when they leave?
Image result for trump orb
Was Trump mumbling something like “there’s no place like home?”
Image result for witch orb
Was Reince Priebus calling Nancy Pelosi and asking for an agreement from the Democrats to make Trump King and Pence the President?

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