Trump Gives the NFL the Bird!

This was Trump’s interview.  Look for yourself and consider whether he intentionally demonstrated his feelings for Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots is up to you to decide.  Watch the video.

For over a year I’ve watched video footage of Donald Trump and he’s never used that gesture of wiping his brow with his middle finger.  Giving someone the middle finger is an effective way of saying “go to hell,” “up yours” or “(insert nasty-sounding verb here) you.” It’s also known by a few other handles, such as “shooting the bird” and “flipping off.” But whatever you call it, it’s immediately recognizable, is offensive, and demonstrates a clear indication of lack of respect for the recipient.

It’s also consistent with the President’s description of a Black football player as a “son-of-a-bitch.”  The inescapable reference to the mother of a BLAck NFL player is outrageous.  Studies have shown that African-American males are only six percent of the United States population, but comprise nearly 70 percent of the players in the National Football League.” The NFL’s 32 teams earned around $12 billion in 2015 with merchandise sales over $1.55 billion. As for Colin Kaepernick’s contribution to league revenue, the 49ers quarterback had the 3rd highest selling jersey in 2014 and 7th most coveted jersey in 2015.

It is also undisputed that 75% of Blacks are born out of wedlock, thus giving Trump the incentive to call Kaepernick a son-of-a-bitch.

It’s no secret that Trump is a bigot.  It’s just beyond imagination that Trump believe that because he is President that he can do or say anything he pleases….Oh wait.  He can.



8 thoughts on “Trump Gives the NFL the Bird!

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  1. How do you know he was talking to a Black players? “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and racism exist in the minds of those who perceive it.

    Maybe he was talking about Hagar and Ishmeal.


  2. What a piece of SHT trump is ..that is not a president that is a common vulgar street thug! My eyes behold a CON MAN CHILD RAPIST P-GRABBER WOMAN HATER HITLERESQUE MENTALITY WS KKK AH. No beauty in this POS!


  3. Malia – He was flipping the bird! Was the SOB comment Trump’s attempt to distract from everything else going on such as Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico, North Korea, the Russia investigation, Facebook ads, people on his team using private emails, Don Jr., tax reform, DACA, Cassidy-Graham, new travel ban, etc.?. Trump throws out distractions by saying something cruel, hateful, absurd, or with name-calling! So his SOB comment fit right in with how he attempts to distract from the real things going on in America and the world. Just like he couldn’t quote his favorite Bible verse, betcha Trump couldn’t tell, if asked, which football team is his favorite!


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