Sarah Palin Forgets to Think

Absolutely no respect” is the total comment of Sarah Palin to this story.  Here is the total story featured on Palin’s Facebook:

So over the weekend, the bum in chief decided he was going to make some noise at the NBA and then also at the NFL and then he sort of went crazy and was in Alabama saying wild stuff,” co-host of “The View” said Monday, before sharing a clip of Trump at his rally in Alabama Friday night.

“He also tweeted this morning ‘the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It’s about respect for our country, flag and national anthem,’” she added. “I say it is about race and it is about respecting people and I will just give a little perspective of why. You know, folks fought in World War I and World War II and came back to America. And people of color — talking specifically people of color– came back to America and couldn’t vote.”

Now when you see some of the things we’ve seen over the last years of young black men and black women being sort of man handled, not just by police, but lots of different folks,” she continued. “When you see the anger at black people and you know that some of those folks have fought in Iraq and have five or six tours of duties and they come back and they are disrespected, I say you have to pay attention when somebody is saying I need you to respect all of us, not just some of us, but all of us. America allows us to protest that way. He’s not blocking traffic. He is not hurting anybody. He’s not screaming. He’s down on one knee. It’s a silent protest.”

It’s as if Palin is making sure her readers understand and appreciate the view of Whoopie Goldberg.  It’s as if it didn’t occur to Palin to comment on the story.   By saying “Absolutely No Respect” the implication would be the Donald Trump was showing no respect to NFL player who he called a son-of-a-bitch.

14 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Forgets to Think

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  1. The SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF BITHCES ARE REPULICANS LIKE SARAH! The epitome of VILE IGNORANT RACISTS! Their mothers raised racist savages. These Republicans did the same. Look at Sarah Huckabee. A Christian woman lying in God’s face like nothing! Sad sorry day when a Mom can’t raise a respectable decent Christian child. Waste of human life. The party of LIFE and CONSERVATISM & FAKE CHRISTIANITY is actually the party of HATE DEATH & CONNING by oppressing their own white base constituents who then turn and hate others/DEMS for WHAT?-THEY DID TO YOU! Such moronic RWers still suffering from Republicans last RECESSION but submit to the oppression again! With Republicans RWers will never see anything good in their future nor will their kids UNLESS THEY ARE THE RICH WHITE 1% otherwise you don’t mean a dam thing to republicans. WAKE UP YOU FOOLISH RW PEOPLE! Your party and so-called Con Racist prez are about to get us all killed with NUKES! And you sit there like idiots still supporting the dam REPUBLIAN party annihilating you and your family before your eyes. But you see hear do NOTHING!


    1. They “believe” in a separate salvation which is elsewhere than the here and now.

      With that fairy tale, there is no cause and effect, no responsibility for the self, and systemic denial of evolutionary truth.

      Their myth goes back many millennia.


  2. I have never thought anything that comes out of Sarah’s mouth a product of thinking. I don’t think the tiny feces slinger is capable of an original thought. What she posts appears to be a regurgitation of a putrid porridge of RW effluvia. She gorges on the stuff. It is a vile brew.


  3. Why didn’t she talk about dicktater dotard and his failed pueto rico golf course? Again raping the PR territory of 32 million dollars from the PR American citizens. And then publicly accusing them of not paying debt to wallstreet while they are literally suffering. That azz clown has taken from every corner of this earth like a thief on steroids. A true modern day villain and bad actor. He has temporarily stole a USA Presidential Election!! Wow. I think this was attempted in 08 too using McCain and ding a ling palin the adopted mother of trig von Paxton. Yep. If it smells like it? It could be the drumpt swamp with a little putin. Before the invasion I did not know of Trump except one episode of celebraty apprentice. Him, his goofy children and his senseless stupid show of bad lousy actors made me sick then watching it just the one time. I have no time for mindless babbling bumbling self entitled leeches of society. The republican party hired the true face and soul of their agenda and party of liars. And Americans will never forget nor forgive the damage caused by these criminals.


      1. Malia I do believe those hired to help him and enable him don’t care. Those voters that voted for him and realize what they have done are embarrassed and silent.


  4. Malia – I have absolutely no respect for the Wasilla loon! She doesn’t have to pen anything on her website, she just makes a simple statement like “absolutely no respect” in advance of posting someone’s else’s op-ed and calls it good. That is the epitome of laziness! She also posts something from the Bible every once in a while to give the illusion that she is still a Christian. She remains the same ignorant person she was 9 years ago when she burst on the scene with John McCain proving that any ignoramus can run for office! And, look! Now we have the biggest moron imaginable sitting in the WH. Un-flipping-believable!


  5. We must remember that some of our fellow americans that voted for drumpt were mentally bamboozled while watching FOX NEWS and the clowns that associate with that evil bunch of criminals. Whether through ignorance or hateful tendency they were taken and brainwashed by Russia. My biggest concern are the traitors to America that aided and enabled Russia to harm certain families in America knowingly and criminally. There are people in this country today in certain fields of employment in corporations, in our government, in county and state positions that are enabling this crime and have aided the enemies of this nation. They must be ID and removed. A sweep of Russian citizens with visas, and several other nationalities must be conducted. There are bad operatives in this country that are still messing around. And they must be stopped. And
    prez dotard will do nothing but encourage the crime to save his ugly rump.


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