The Sloth at the Omaha Zoo is More Popular than Sarah Palin!

An estimated 12,000-14,000  people demonstrated in Omaha the day after Trump’s inauguration to show their disdain for Donald Trump.  They were committed to demonstrating that Trump does not reflect the values of the majority of Americans.  People around the country organized rallies and marches to protest the most divisive President ever elected to the White House.  That turn out of 12,000 people was remarkable, given Omaha’s inclusion in the bible belt, and Trump’s victory in Nebraska.

Image result for omaha women's march

Image result for omaha women's march

In response, and as a way of protesting the protest, an event was organized this weekend in Omaha called the Mom’s March for America.  Speakers for the event included a cast of some of the most impressive wives in the country.   Missy Robertson, the wife of Duck Dynasty star, Jase Robertson was a featured speaker.  She  married at age 19  so she didn’t have the benefit of a college education.  Candy Carson, the wife of Ben Carson, was also invited to speak.  Sarah Palin, the wife of Todd a pimp in Alaska, was also invited to speak.  Actress and radio talk show host Sam Sorbo was a speaker, and country band Redhead Express performed.  Tickets to hear all four speakers and the band could be purchased for a mere $10.00.  Even at that bargain price the organizer of the event estimated she “distributed” only an estimated  300 tickets.  Thus it is not clear how many of the people who received a “distributed” ticket actually paid the $10.00 for their ticket.  By way of comparison the price of admission to the Omaha zoo is $18.95.  Even the price of admission for a child at the zoo is higher than the fees charged for the Mother’s March for America.

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Candy Carson
Image result for candy carson

In spite of the poor turn out, Sarah tried her best to inspire the women attending the conference.  Sarah didn’t mention all the empty seats or the failure of the organizers to pay for the cost of the event.  Sarah said:  “… when God has an open door for you,”  “Don’t hesitate.”  Some assumed she was making reference to serving as the Vice Presidential candidate of John McCain.  Others who were more knowledgeable about Sarah Palin knew that she was referring to quitting her job as Governor to make money.

 It was reported that Willow attended the event with her mother.  Some speculated that Willow’s attendance was Palin’s attempt to exaggerate the crowd size.  Others speculated that Willow was just hoping to earn some extra money selling peanuts.  My personal theory is that she wanted an excuse to see the sloth at the Omaha zoo.

The reason for Candy Carson’s appearance was unclear.  The members of the liberal media indicated that it was an attempt to divert attention for Candy’s husband’s appearance in Alabama.  Ben Carson went to Alabama to make his feelings known regarding the Senate race in Alabama.  Trump was appearing in Alabama to support Republican candidate Luther Strange.  Carson was appearing to support the Republican challenger, Roy Moore.

Sarah Palin remained silent about the Alabama Senate race in hopes that her silence wouldn’t have an impact on Trump’s decision to appoint her as the Ambassador to Nambia.

It’s not clear if Sarah and Willow will stop by the zoo in Omaha before returning to Wasilla.

Image result for sarah palin moms march

It is clear that more people are interested in seeing a sloth at the Omaha zoo than seeing Sarah Palin at this event.

Image result for omaha zoo sloth


12 thoughts on “The Sloth at the Omaha Zoo is More Popular than Sarah Palin!

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  1. Nebraska Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb, who was involved in organizing the Omaha Womens March in January, said Palin is a “non-issue” for Democrats. Pardon me while I giggle…..


  2. Well that was certainly an all star line up wasn’t it? Palin really needs to retire on her husband’s money from being a pimp and just give it up. She can still get an occasional headline – but we all know it is just a rehashed diatribe. She is pathetic.
    I love to watch a sloth. They do not take life very seriously at all.


  3. Christian Broadcasting Network referred to the turnout as “scores”, following up in the next paragraph as “300”.

    So, 300 is Scores?

    300 dollars maybe buys a hooker for a few hours or less, after which it is extremely unlikely the hooker walks away feeling she/he has Scores of cash.

    300 mosquitoes is not Scores of mosquitoes.

    262500 is, however, Scores.

    There is a problem of PRIDE within the Palin thinking. Plus they are systemically ignorant. With pride keeping them ignorant, even 37 would be Scores – whatever it takes to preserve their DARKNESS.

    PS. 4000000 dead Jews in WW2 Germany – that is Scores.


      1. No wonder CBN preserves MYTH. The systemic myth is Jesus dying for our “sins” and “saving us”! All A Myth!!!


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