Palin Resigns as Ambassador to Nambia!

Donald Trump previously promised that there would be a place for Sarah Palin in his cabinet.  Trump said:

“But certainly there’d be a role in the administration if she wanted, and I’m not sure that she does want that. But there’d certainly be a role.”

When asked, Palin recommended herself for the head of the department of energy, but then said she use that position to dissolve the Department of Energy.  Maybe that was a sign of things to come?

The Borowitz Report reveals that on Friday Trump kept his promise.  He named Alaska Grandmother, and former Governor Sarah Palin as Ambassador to Nambia.

By naming Palin to this diplomatic post, the United States has become the first nation in the world to formally recognize Nambia’s existence.

Borowitz reported that:

” Palin acknowledged that she “didn’t know a lot about Nambia” but said that she was looking forward to receiving a comprehensive briefing on the nation’s history, culture, and customs from the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos.

Then it’s Nambia, here I come!” Palin exclaimed.

However today it appears that Palin and DeVos have had a falling out about Palin’s use of the private plane of DeVos.  It seems that Sarah wanted to have  a private flight to Nambia on DeVos’ plane, but DeVos refused.  Palin than asked for a private cruise to Nambia on DeVos” yacht, but DeVos refused that request as well.

Westport Legacy

Palin then tried to hitch a ride to Nambia, but nobody was going that way.

Palin then appealed to the supporters of SarahPAC to donate money for the journey to Nambia and they sent donations of over ONE MILLION dollars.

Image result for nambia

Palin announced today that Nambia was just too far away from Alaska and she was resigning her position as ambassador.  She explained that Pastor Muthee had not removed the witches from Nambia, so she wouldn’t be safe there, regardless of how she got there.

Related image

It’s not clear what Palin is going to do with the Million Dollars, but it is being rumored that she is contemplating starting a tableshirt clothing line she will market to the women of Nambia.

Image result for palin tableshirt

Rumor has it that the women of Nambia are in desperate need of some type of upper body attire.  This is a rare image of the women of Nambia:

Image result for nambia

Trump has not yet announced a replacement for Palin.


4 thoughts on “Palin Resigns as Ambassador to Nambia!

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  1. That was funny!! You have a good sense of humor.
    Regarding Trump’s statement that he would have a spot for Palin if she wanted it – I have to wonder why that never happened.


  2. Today we enter the 10th year of this woman having said she would get back to us about the newspapers.

    And we now can assume that she reads Namibian newspapers. “Any of em. And all of em.”


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