Sarah Palin Forgot that We Hadn’t Forgotten

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The Secretary she was making reference to was Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

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Devos and her family are “multi-billionaires.”   /the family has contributed over $200 MILLION DOLLARS to the Republican Party.  Betsy’s father, the founder of Amway, plead guilty to a criminal tax fraud claim in Canada and paid fines of twenty-five million dollars.  Betsy’s brother Erik founded Blackwater, the private military company that the government infamously contracted to work in Afghanistan and Iraq.  You remember, that was the company that killed  more than a dozen civilians in 2007.  Betsy has been bold and brash about the influence she’s bought in the Republican Party.  She said:

My family is the biggest contributor of soft money to the Republican National Committee,”

“I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence. Now I simply concede the point.”

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Betsy has her own private jet which she takes when traveling for work.  Sarah Palin applauded her frugality because Betsy doesn’t ask for reimbursement from the government for the cost of the plane.  However there are other costs to taxpayers that either Sarah Palin doesn’t know about or understand.  DeVos is the only Cabinet member to get protection from the U.S. Marshal’s Service, which has cost the U.S. tax payers nearly $8 million over eight months.    That’s a cost of roughly $34,000 per day!!!  The estimated cost of a private jet per year is between $700,000.00 and 4 MILLION DOLLARS.  Obviously Ms DeVos has her jet before she was appointed Secretary of Education.  Now that she uses the jet for work, she probably deducts the cost of the jet as a business expense.  A 4 MILLION DOLLAR DEDUCTION probably saves her taxes of over a million dollars.  Thus, she probably comes out ahead by taking the deduction rather than asking for reimbursement of the cost of each individual flight.

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Their yacht is 50 m (163 ft) long, accomodates 12 guests in 6 cabins.  The crew consists of 12 people.  The yacht is estimated to be worth $ 40 million, which is a minor expense for the couple who has a net worth of  5.2 billion.

Westport LegacyWestport Legacy

The DeVos family owns several private jets, including a Boeing BBJ 737, another BBJ 737 , a Gulfstream G550, and another G550, and a Bombardier Challenger 300.  That’s five private jets.  At that rate Betsy could devote one plane to official business and deduct the total cost of the plane.

For Sarah Palin to pretend that Betsy should be thanked for her conservative ideals when it comes to spending is like thanking Bristol for being an advocate for abstinence before marriage.
It’s as if Sarah Palin thinks we have forgotten about her history with private planes.  We haven’t forgotten that:
1. When on the speaking circuit she demanded two bottles of water, bendable straws placed near the lectern, and a private jet of at least the size of a Lear 60  to transport her.

2.  When promoting her book on the ” bus tour,” Sarah   traveled on several flights on an expensive private jet.  That was a Gulfstream 2 private jet — at a cost of $4,000 per hour.

3.  When Donald Trump announced during the campaign that he would have a “major announcement and a very special guest in attendance” during a  rally in Iowa.  It was Sarah Palin who appeared at the rally.  She flew on a  private plane from Anchorage.

4.  When Palin was campaigning for John McCain Palin flew private, chartered planes.

5.  Palin also charged her PAC for private jets.  

Sarah Palin and Betsy DeVos have never been financial conservatives. There are three differences between Palin and DeVos.  DeVos is wealthy.  Palin is not.  DeVos was appointed by Trump to his cabinet.  Palin was not.  

Palin wears tableshirts.

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Betsy does not.

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8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Forgot that We Hadn’t Forgotten

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  1. The last picture of Betsy “I’m exceptional” DeVos looks like Trumps head is literally conjoined and growing out of her breast. Wait, she’d probably like that.


  2. Did the FBI warn John McCain about his campaign managers ties to Russia in 08? Was sara selected by Russia in 08? and that adoption issue? does that have anything to do with sara and Russia ahso?


  3. And don’t forget how, as governor of Alaska, Sarah claimed to sell the state jet on ebay, when she really did not, and actually sold it as a loss.

    And that she billed the state for carting her kids around and then had to repay the expenses.

    Sarah has a very sordid history with, well, everything, but very much so with private planes.


  4. Malia – So is Betsy paying for the Wasilla loon and her daughter’s RT excursion to the lower 48? How does that work? The Secretary of Education lets the ex-governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin and her entourage, Willow, fly in one of Betsy’s private jets? Really? Are the US taxpayers somehow going to end up paying for this? Do you think Sarah and Willow will make a stop in Austin TX to see Bristol on their way back to AK?

    Sarah showed up in Alabama on Thursday dressed like a slob. Her shit kicking cowgirl boots with stars are not only ugly, but they are not appropriate for ANY venue, and certainly not dressed like Sarah was!. Today she showed up at the mom’s march in Nebraska to give a speech. Did she march? Or, was she too afraid to step out from behind the podium to walk? The crowd at the Ralston Arena who paid to listen to Sarah Palin and Cindy Carson and others was a bust. It looks as if only about a 100 people showed up. The mom’s march today was pathetic in comparison to the marches that took place the day after Trump’s inauguration. Here’s a photo at the Ralston Arena.


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