The Constitution Song You Can’t Afford to Miss!

We the People” is a song about the Constitution of The United States of America sung by third graders and a fifth-grade rapper. In this music video, they sing the Preamble to the Constitution in celebration of Constitution Day on September 17th of each year. This song was composed and produced by Sandy Wilbur who is working to help kids in grades K-8 learn history through music. I hope that this song helps people to remember that we are one nation of people who share the same fundamental values.


2 thoughts on “The Constitution Song You Can’t Afford to Miss!

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  1. Bravo bravo bravo. This was a very good lesson for the children and adults. Well done. It brought tears to my eyes. My hope is that more teachers teach history. One thing I would add in another song about history is that this land was home to many humans prior to we the people and the US Constitution. So this must be taught as well.
    Why did our ancestors and families flee Europe to this land? Why was it important to develop a constitution, law and order? Why do we have a Bill of Rights? What and Who made America Great? And how do we measure that?


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